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Ancient to modern philosophers and a few logic terms.
Some of these should be pretty easy for anyone who has even the slightest memory of any of their history classes. The others are more obscure and can probably only be answered by those who took an in-depth philosophy course.
 1 Philosopher who wrote "Consolation of Philosophy" while inprisoned and awaiting his execution.
 6 Wrote the five methods of proving the existence of god. He was also a saint.
 7 Wrote the book "Sic et non". He was an arrogant medieval philosopher.
 9 Wrote the "Origins of the Species"
 10 term refferring to a deductive argument with two premises and one conclusion.
 12 Term refering to whether or not the STRUCTURE of an argument is good.
 14 Medieval philosopher who tried to prove the existence of god in his famous "Ontological Argument"
 2 Term used to describe an argument that is A) deductive B) has a good logical structure and C) has premises and conclusions that are true in reality.
 3 This guy wrote "The Prince"
 4 Greek philosopher who wrote about the cave and the forms.
 5 Modern philosopher who is acredited with saying "God is dead"
 8 Philosopher who was named the father of logic.
 10 Ancient philosopher who was forced to drink hemlock for "corrupting the youth"
 11 Important medieval philosopher who completely seperated reason and faith with his infamous razor.
 13 Famous ancient philosopher who literally lived in a barrel.
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