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The exclusive boutique where you can find rare and valuable jewels; my PDG companions.

Phew! This was more grueling than I envisaged. Sweated a lot and grumbled a bit at the fate of us-Newbies! But, before I scare away any prospective new members, let me hasten to add that I also had loads of fun. We have a group of excellent mentors who have this uncanny knack to identify the best for their flock. I hope they all have fulltime careers in the corporate world; they certainly have the attributes of making outstanding and successful managers. *Thumbsup*

This challenge forced me to know my classmates. Honestly, beside Morgan who is my buddy, I didn’t feel any affinity for them before. Overnight, that has changed. Till yesterday, names which were mere competitors to be reckoned with have today become a bunch of smiling, loving, caring and multi-talented personalities. I feel much closer to them now than ever before. I wish this group the very best.

 3 She doesn't want her PDG items to be reviewed or rated (and for good reason).
 4 Real name of the member who is a stay at home, 27 year old mum.
 5 Our Santa Claus.
 10 In and Out topic of the member whose mentor has been blessed by an angel.
 11 The WDC member who is also the husband of one of our friends.
 12 Religious daughter of a classmate.
 15 She has three kids. I want the protagonist of the story which is the subject of her Query letter.
 17 The name of the father who dressed as a Leprechaun in this award winning story.
 19 The user handle based on one of the most evil characters in literary history.
 21 Real name of a mentor whose parents had wander blood.
 23 She is facing problems with technology.
 24 A Christian fiction author.
 26 The sassy daughter of a classmate named after a precious stone which the Chinese value a lot.
 1 The name of the lioness ( does look like a tigress to me *Bigsmile*) who stays in a member's neighborhood.
 2 Name of the eldest child who is a super hero.
 5 She lives in Toronto and Jake is a character in her 255 character story.
 6 A master of the fantasy and horror genre.
 7 I love this clue. This member cleaned horse manure. Can there be any better example of dignity of labor? *Thumbsup*
 8 She holds the flock together.
 9 Senior member who stepped down due to her mother's ill health. I want the handle, not the real name.
 10 This is easy. The highly supportive coach of the Query letter assignment.
 13 This mentor spreads love.
 14 Who runs a flash fiction contest?
 16 One of our classmates wrote a story about a jealous father. What is the name of his ex-wife's new husband.
 18 The black girl in a campfire entry based on overcoming racial differences.
 19 She is my friend, philosopher and guide.
 20 An outstanding PDG member has been this for thirteen years.
 21 Mentor who misses Delaware Bay.
 22 The member who joined last.
 25 First word in the title of assignment # 4.
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