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Crossword Puzzle for WdC's 11th Birthday Celebration
We're having lots of fun celebrating WdC's 11th birthday.  We have packages to bid on, a mini-raffle, an Ice Cream Flavor of the Day Guessing Contest, and Prizes!!!  Come join us at:
WDC Birthday Ice Cream Social 2018  (E)
We're back again this year! Help us celebrate WdC's 18th Birthday in this fun auction!
#1794493 by Pat ~ starting a new journey

But, before you go, have some fun solving the crossword puzzle!  *Bigsmile*
 2 He is the co-owner and founder of Writing.com
 5 The month Pat and WdC were born
 6 Recollections of past events
 7 messages that provide authors with feedback on their work
 8 Attempts to give the right answers when one is not certain
 10 She is the co-owner and founder of Writing.com
 11 Writing that teaches or informs
 15 A mother who fights for her children's best interest
 16 An annual time period marking one's debut into the world
 17 Random Acts of Kindness
 18 A great feeling of happiness
 20 An item or amount of currency contributed to a worthy cause
 21 an event where items are sold to the highest bidder
 23 Refreshment served on Pat's Porch
 25 How we feel about WdC being here for us the past 11 years
 1 Fun things given out or won during contests
 3 The year that follows the tenth
 4 A joyous activity in honor of a special occasion
 9 The best site for writing, reviewing, and having fun
 12 A very talented poet here at Writing.com
 13 Beautiful messages written in verses
 14 A place for people to gather and express themselves
 19 A particular group of writing based on topic or content
 21 Pat's home state
 22 offering to pay more for an item than the last person offered
 24 Members who have not belonged to a group very long
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