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Will mainly involve bible knowledge
 1 The disciple who denied Jesus three times
 3 The man who lost all he had and got double portion
 5 The second son of Rachel
 7 beloved disciple of Jesus
 8 The son born to Jacob by Leah maidservant
 10 The prophet who accampanied Prophet Elijah
 11 testament
 13 The oldest man in the bible
 17 The son of Boaz
 21 The father of os Isaac
 22 The father of Joshua
 23 The garden where God placed the first man was
 24 The name of the person who was sold by his brothers as slave
 26 The son of Hannah
 29 The mountain where Moses received ten commandments.
 2 The disciple who did not belief Jesus was risen until he felt the hand.
 4 The only daughter of Jacob
 6 The mother of John the baptist
 9 The mother of Joseph
 12 The man who build the ark
 14 God abode for the righteous
 15 The people who defeated Israelites for violating God instructions
 16 Jesus was baptised in River
 18 The man who married Ruth after the death of her first husband
 19 The disciple who betrayed Jesus
 20 Writer of Psalms
 25 Sold his birthright
 27 The priest who served in the temple when Samuel was born
 28 The son of Adam
 29 The first king of Israelites
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