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Rated: 13+ · Crossword Puzzle · Horror/Scary · #1987640
How well do you know Scream? Test yourself with this crossword puzzle.
Did you think it was over? Did you think the terror was finished? Well, let's play a little game. Answer right to see how well you know Scream, answer wrong to see if you're wrong about this franchise.
 4 Which killer nearly killed Sidney?
 5 What does Sidney say her name is in the third movie?
 6 What is the name of the costume used by the killers?
 9 Who's the angel of death?
 10 Warm up question.
 11 How many years pass between the third and fourth movie?
 12 Which Stab movie had time travel?
 14 Who's a suspect?
 15 What movie does the killer not say surprise?
 17 Who stabbed Billy?
 18 What's the only movie we see Gale get stabbed?
 21 Gale's first cameraman.
 22 All of the killers are obsessed with what?
 24 Billy's father.
 25 How many years was Cotton in jail for?
 1 Who does Sidney punch twice?
 2 What does the killer call Casey?
 3 How many boyfriends did Sidney have?
 6 The body count is always what than the last?
 7 Where does Gale get stabbed in Scream four?
 8 What do Reyna Reynolds and Debbie Salt have in common?
 11 How many movies was 'Reyna Reynolds' in?
 13 What kind of movies does John Milton produce?
 15 Who's the first to call the killer Ghostface?
 16 Dwight.
 19 Who wrote, 'I killed her'?
 20 Woodsboro High School's principal.
 23 What phone was used in Scream 4 that wasn't used in the others?
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