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A crappy crossword puzzle about League
 3 A mischeivious troll who is friends with the Ice Witch
 6 Limited himself to fight with only a lamppost because he was deemed too strong
 7 Suffers from chrono-displasia after experimenting with time during a war that destroyed Urtistan
 9 An elite duelist who seeks to clear her name and became the best in Valoran
 10 An inventor from Bandle city
 11 Created by a team of doctoral students at Zaun's College of Techmaturgy this champion is a steam automation who became self aware
 15 A shaman of the Ursine who gained the force of the sacred storm while seeking wisdom
 16 The ancient protector of all of Freljord
 17 Friends with Heimerdinger; was part of the Bandle City Expeditionary Force
 18 Brother to Luxanna; the leader of the Dauntless Vanguard
 20 Received a blessing from the ancient Freljord queen Avarosa
 1 A clockwork creation modeled by Corin Reveck after his dead daughter to fulfill her dreams to become a League champion
 2 Leader of the Winter's Claw; a resilient warrior focused on uniting the tribes of Freljord
 4 An Ice Witch who twists the purity of ice into a dark power
 5 A hero of Piltover; his weapon can change between a cannon and a hammer
 8 From Bandle City; A highly efficient marksman
 12 The only daughter of the prestigious Crownguards; a prodigy who can manipulate light
 13 His earliest memories only being of the underground passageways, this champion worked for General Du Couteau before he went missing and looks for him even today
 14 Born of a Noxian general, she is a skilled assassin
 19 A young explorer who found an talisman that amplifies his magic power
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