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Which character said it?
If the character has a title/code name and we know the real name that will be the answer, also there if there is a rank (such as major or captain) it will not be included in the answer

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 1 "Why should you care if I bury a few worthless villiages in snow?"
 5 "Your sister seemed quite satisfied with the 'handling' I gave her earlier. "
 8 "I am what the gods have made me"
 10 "That's twice now you've made me taste bitter defeat"
 11 "I'm a faun, you dork!"
 14 "In the battle today we will hold the line"
 16 "Im selling these fine lether jackets"
 21 "Shut up Gary, you're boring"
 22 “What gun would Jesus choose?“
 2 " A man chooses a slave obeys "
 3 "yep, I named him Steve"
 4 "todays been a really bad day, and its put me in a real S###y mood. Just your bad luck to run into me"
 6 "It's not crazy to be awsome"
 7 "You know, I've been in this game for a lot of years and I got out alive."
 9 " I wonder if they'll ever realize I'm not Desert Claw"
 12 "Then I can show you where they took the black on black"
 13 "Whoever wins is gonna be famous and rich"
 15 "Guess they didn't teach yah to duck in doctors school"
 17 I honestly thought it was called "Bubs' Conces 5 Stand" for years
 18 "I was gonna roll up here like goddamn clint eastwood"
 19 "No, men only really love you in hindsight. When too much distance has built up."
 20 "BIll, I implore you think about this!"
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