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Do you know enough about WdC Angel Army Group?
*Vine2**Flowerp**Vine1*How well do you know "The WDC Angel Army?*Vine2**Flowerp**Vine1*

Angel Emoticon
 2 Angel Army has a ____________ club.
 3 You can submit your kind_____________ for the Angel Army Group.
 8 Angel Army has__________program.
 9 It's more than a group, it's a ___________.
 11 Angel Army has Port Raid____________.
 12 One of the tasks for requesting basic upgrade is having _________ items in your portfolio.
 14 Name of the forum where you can plug your items, The Angel________.
 15 Your community activity may lead you to become _______ of the month.
 1 Name of the Angel Army Group Founder.
 4 Name of the third honorary leader.
 5 Who is the first on the list of Product Reviews stars?
 6 In depth reviews of books, movies and music is called _______ review.
 7 Every Angel Army review needs to have a____________.
 10 By earning your recognition in a group you also earn your_____________.
 13 Something that you can request from Angel Army?
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/crosswords/item_id/2060577-WdC-Angel-Army-Crossword-Puzzle