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How well do you know House Greyjoy of Game of Thrones?
"Game of Thrones"   by Purple Princess creative group activity for House Greyjoy image for G.o.T.
 1 West of
 3 The siblings strike a deal with her to keep the Salt Throne
 6 The Greyjoy's show their allegience to House
 9 Aeron Damphair becomes the Priest of
 10 She reminds "Reek" who he truly is
 11 Lord Ballon led a rebellion against Robert
 12 She infiltrates this place to in order to rescue her brother
 13 He rejected the reforms of the Ironborn
 14 House Sigil
 17 House Greyjoy
 18 Heir to Greyjoy Throne who becomes a Ward of Winterfell
 19 He tortures and breaks Theon
 21 Which Greyjoy said, "I could sail the Iron Fleet to hell if need be"
 1 ...may never die
 2 House Greyjoy rules over the
 4 The Greyjoy's survive by doing this
 5 This ship is lost in the battle of The Shield Islands
 7 He raised her to be his heir
 8 He tried to reform the Ironborn
 15 A Greyjoy goes through this ritual to sit on the Throne.
 16 Greyjoy's heir claims to have murdered Bran and
 20 House Greyjoy's Words
 22 The proper name for the Greyjoy ships
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/crosswords/item_id/2089286-House-Greyjoy-Crossword