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How much do you know about Prince Rogers Nelson? Finish the puzzle and find out!
Fun facts about Prince all rolled into one crossword puzzle. Give it a go!
 1 Prince orignially asked her to write the lyrics for Purple Rain
 3 Prince's music catalogue is comprised of more songs that this famous band
 4 This is the title of Prince's debut album
 5 The album 1999 was released in this year - 19??
 9 In 2006 Prince was voted the World's sexiest this
 11 How many minutes long was the track Purple Rain orginially?
 13 How many albums did Prince make with his band The Revolution?
 14 How many times has Purple Rain gone platnium?
 15 Prince pioneered this
 16 Prince donated this guitar to the Smithsonian Institute in 1992
 1 This Prince album had the most critical acclaim
 2 How many Grammy Awards did Prince win?
 6 In 1984 his bad was called this
 7 Which song from Dirty Mind did Cyndi Lauper make famous?
 8 Price wrote songs under this alias
 10 It was normal for Prince to spend this many hours in the recording session at a time.
 12 Prince was born with this illness
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