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The puzzle is about the states, know them by their nicknames or famous sites
Get to know some of these states by nickname, or their well known sites. I'm sorry that I didn't list all of the fifty states, but I covered a majority of them. *Smile*

Our Beautiful Flag

Our flag stands for freedom,
Of which we are so proud,
When it waves in the breeze,
It usually draws a crowd.

Its colors are so beautiful,
The red, white and blue,
And when you see them up close,
Its meaningful, heartfelt, and true.

So whenever we celebrate our flag,
I just want to say,
Wave your flag with honor,
On any or all special days.

These are the mountains we visited while on vaction. We had a memorable time there.
One beautiful site I got to visit, The LaSalles Mountains in Utah.
 1 Known as “Yellowhammer State” since the Civil War.
 3 "Constitution State" or “Nutmeg State”, “Provisions State”, and the “Land of Steady Habits”
 9 Where is Pearl Harbor located?
 10 “Show Me State”
 13 Called the “Silver State" because of its large silver mine industries.
 15 Became the first of the 13 original states to ratify the U.S. Constitution.
 16 "North Star state" is also known for its 10,000 lakes
 19 Known as the “Beaver State”
 21 Where is the Kennedy Space Center located?
 22 Which state has the longest coastline?
 24 When the signal was given, they raced into the territory to claim their land, it became known as "The Sooner State."
 25 "The Cornhusker's State"
 2 "The Wolverine State"
 4 "The Buckeye State" because of its many buckeye trees.
 5 Where is the Golden Gate Bridge located?
 6 Mesa Verde, astonishing cliff dwellings near Mancos
 7 "The Volunteer State" because of the volunteer soldiers during the War of 1812
 8 Known as "The Badge State"
 11 The “Beehive State”
 12 It is the only state named for a president know as the "Evergreen State"
 14 Known as the “Keystone State”
 17 Known as the "Lone Star State"
 18 “Green Mountain State” Verd Mont was a name given to the Green Mountains
 20 “Old Dominion State”
 23 Which state has the Grand Canyon?
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