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Rated: E · Crossword Puzzle · Activity · #2141073
A crossword puzzle about everybody's favourite pastel ponies and their lives in Equestria.
This is a crossword which is all about everybody's favourite pastel coloured ponies and their adventures throughout Equestria. This puzzle is based on the fourth generation of My Little Pony, created by Lauren Faust.
 2 Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony
 5 Name of the Princess of Friendship's student (9,7)
 6 Moon Princess' dark alter-ego (9,4)
 9 Youngest member of the Apple Family
 10 Pinkie Pie's dark alter-ego
 11 What Twilight calls her big brother
 14 The name of Ponyville's fashion shop (8,8)
 17 Ponyville's Fashionista
 18 Name of the company which owns My Little Pony
 19 Equestrian Princess of the Moon
 20 Name of the capital city of Equestria
 21 A picture to represent a pony's special talent
 23 Name of Pinkie Pie's pet Alligator
 25 The Princess of Friendship (8,7)
 27 Name of the Apple Family's Farm (5,5,5)
 1 Princess of Love - Full name (2,5,7)
 3 Equestrian Princess of the Sun
 4 Name of the adult fanbase of the television show
 7 Matriarch of the Apple Family (6,5)
 8 Sun Princess' dark alter-ego (3,7)
 12 Name of the baby introduced in Season 6, episode 1
 13 Name of the evil Unicorn king from The Crystal Empire
 15 The type of ponies of the ruling class
 16 Pinkie Pie's element
 22 the most powerful magical objects in Equestria (8,2,7)
 24 What the Pegasus Ponies control
 26 Prince of the Crystal Empire (7,5)
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2141073