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Test your knowledge on instruments!
What Instrument is large, made from wood, and uses a bocal?

What image is silver, has a graceful song, and is uses air and no reed?
 2 What is an instrument that uses no keys and just slides
 4 What is an intrument that uses a reed and a ligature
 5 What is a black instrument that is played vertically has silver keys, and uses a double reed
 6 What is a very jazzy instrument that uses a neck strap
 8 What is the lowest pitch brass instrument
 11 What is a larger version of the Basson and is the lowest pitch woodwing instrument
 12 What is Silver, held horizontally and needs only air
 1 What is a large brass instrument that is nicknamed "the baby tuba"
 3 What is a smaller more popular brass and is played horizontally, uses a smaller mouthpeice than others
 7 What is an instrument that is made of wood and hit by mallets
 9 What is Large, made of wood, and needs a seat strap
 10 Uses black and white keys and is a percusion instrument
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2150625