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Some cool facts of these caribbean twins!
*Carv*Travelling the world with "Invalid Item took me to St Kitts and Nevis, islands in the Caribbean this week where I learned some interesting facts!*Delight*

*Beach* I share some here! See what words you can fill in! Have fun!

 2 The first people there were _______ , now population is mostly descendents of slaves
 4 Crops grown are sugar cane, exotic fruit and ________
 6 Brimstone Hill _______is the best preserved fort in the Americas.
 11 St. Kitt's used to be named ST. __________
 12 Christopher ________ explored here in 1493
 13 The two _______ on the flag stand for hope and liberty.
 14 Mt. Liamuiga is known for its ______lake, rainforest and green vervet monkeys.
 1 Caryl Phillips won the Commonwealth______ Prize for "A Distant Shore."
 3 The _______stripe on the flag stands for the African heritage on the islands
 5 Bassbere , the capital city has a deep water port to accomodate cargo and ______ships.
 6 Liamuiga, the name given by the early Carib means _______land.
 7 The only animals there before Europeans came were rodents and ________
 8 The coat of arms' _________ is "Country before Self"
 9 _______ are mostly of black volcanic sand
 10 Two mountainous islands of ........origin
 15 St. Kitt's Official Language
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