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by Poi Yo
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Try to guess these many Pokemon only be the description of their appearance.
Hello, this is my first actual item in Writing.com, even though I've been here for about a year.

If you know Pokemon, this'll be easy, but I'm adding some weird ones, so prepare.
 2 A small bird with clouds for wings.
 5 A mostly black, crystaline creature with a star on it's head.
 9 A floating eyeball with two magnets and a screw.
 11 A small, white, gooey, metallic creature with a nut for an eye.
 13 A small fluffy bat with a purple and black color scheme.
 14 A pink or blue jellyfish.
 16 A pink or blue slug.
 18 A yellow turtle with a red shell.
 20 A white and red beast that has huge claws.
 21 A large fluffy white dragon, with a fire generator tail.
 23 A blue sea turtle that has been extinct for some time.
 25 A water fox that has an inflatable life vest around its body.
 27 A small frog that is able to produce bubbles from its neck.
 28 A grass snake.
 1 A polygonol duck with a red and blue color scheme.
 2 A small, snow-covered tree.
 3 A pink bulldog.
 6 A humongous rocket ship.
 7 An bird with purple and pink feathers, and a mask.
 8 An orange rodent with a small plump body and long tail.
 10 A science experiment that included DNA of another Pokemon gone awry.
 12 A fox with nine tailes.
 15 An otter with two shells it can use as weapons.
 16 A teddy bear that is pink, white, and brown.
 17 A metallic bird.
 19 A crab with a large patch of rock on it's back.
 22 A fungus that has a pink mushroom on it.
 24 A yellow psychic cat thing that only knows teleport.
 26 A humanoid shadow creature.
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