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A list of fruits from foreign countries
First crossword puzzle, will update as much as possible.
Simply write what you think would fit best.
 1 Think of a religion.
 2 Like a mango, but not really...
 7 Does this remind you of a custard?
 9 A fruit that doesn't know what it wants to be.
 10 Caterpillar on the outside, collapsed lung on the inside.
 12 Don't confuse it for guava.
 13 A mini orange.
 14 Kind of like a foreign banana.
 15 Thick skin, soft heart.
 18 Goes well in Peruvian pastries.
 1 You can't put jam on this! Can you...?
 3 Looks good, smells bad.
 4 Like a grapefruit.
 5 Famous in Bangladesh.
 6 Scaly, like a reptile.
 8 Looks like a potato.
 11 A fruit that's hairy, but not a kiwi.
 14 Common in South America, can self-pollinate.
 16 Has a white rind, hard shell.
 17 A common fruit in China.
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