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For the Rising Stars Activity 2
To solve this puzzle, I'm going to give you names of Writings, Folders, or facts about the rising stars.
The Theme is "Shooting Stars" or alternatively, us. :)

Input answers as handles, all one word.
 1 Has a Dolphin on her Briefcase (middle name only)
 6 Has a rainbow shield (full handles)
 7 Plays Badminton (first name only)
 8 Has an alliterative name (Full Handle, no space)
 9 Marvelous Friend was Born in this month
 10 The color of the August Flip Flops
 12 A blog about dueling and lists (2 words, no space)
 15 Has Green eyes (in Bio Block) (First word in Handle)
 16 Might write from the perspective of a fish, or a plane...
 18 Who has an Emoji on their rising stars folder title? (last name)
 2 The MAN who joined up on the same day - January 7th (First word of handle)
 3 Sings Christian Music (Second Word in Handle)
 4 Who's name is a Palindrome? (first name only)
 5 The GIRL who joined up January 7th (First name only)
 6 Has a leaf in her bio block picture (First word of handle)
 7 Shares a name with a lovely flower (and our leader)
 11 There are flip-flops on the page, what color goes with my birth month? (check my bio)
 13 Has Her Location as "Sometimes in my mind, sometimes out of it." (First Name)
 14 Has a Folder called Poetic Endeavors (Username, not Handle)
 17 Rising _______ Summer Camp
Submit your answers to see which words are correct and add those words into the crossword puzzle above. You can still continue working on the puzzle after you submit.
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