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My first crossword, pertaining to Rising Stars
An assignment for "Rising Stars Summer Camp"   by Lilli 🧿 ☕ 🎗️ , the clues feature members of the Summer Camp 2021 and some of their works. I hope it’s as fun to do as it was to create!

Those members and their ports:
Marvelous Friend
Dr Perry Ride
MirandaCookies almost a senior
Anna Marie Carlson
Rhymer Reisen
 1 The name of the social forum, “The Rising Stars _____ _____ “(2wds)
 3 Anna Marie has a story called “Dreams of being a _____”
 6 Season in which our class occurs, “_____ Campers”
 8 Has an award-winning folder called “Poetic Endeavors”
 9 PerryRide’s award-winning piece, “The Season After _____”
 11 Won first place in “The Teenagers Challenge”
 14 Loren’s blog, called “Soul’s _____”
 15 Aneska’s piece, “Howling at the _____ Moon”
 16 Number of groups Miranda belongs to
 17 Wrote a contest entry called “A Wedding Day Shocker”
 2 In Marvelous Friend’s story, Sally has a bad _____ _____. (2wds)
 3 Her favorite show is “Just Add Magic”
 4 Rhymer’s favorite musical artist, Kelly _____
 5 Once hated literature, but, at sixteen, she already has a good start on a novel
 7 Wrote an award-winning piece called “Shattered Tranquility”
 10 Lilli has an award-winning folder called “My _____ Shelf”
 11 Writes an award-winning blog called “My thoughts from the ledge…”
 12 Wrote a couple of pieces about a cat named LeeLoo
 13 Lurie Park’s beautiful, award-winning piece on feminism (2wds)
 18 Her favorite quote is whatever works
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/crosswords/item_id/2253802-Rising-Stars-Summer-Camp-2021