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A Crossword Puzzel about WDC
A Crossword puzzle created for "The WdC Birthday Challenge!!! CLOSED about WDC
 1 A lot of us have a dream we might write one one day. How is YOURS coming along?
 2 Hearts! We all show it for Writing.com :)
 5 He made it all happen in the year 2000
 7 Moderately bovine - Or is it a thing?
 9 It could be a shield, a ribbon, or a rosette
 11 Santa might have them - but they also appear on the WDC IM
 12 You might want to decorate your suitcase with this?
 15 Who am I?!
 16 If I pay $19.95 to WDC every three months them I am......
 1 Catch up on the goss here! Like, Love, or laugh?
 2 She loves her coffee and wants to ask you questions daily!
 3 WDC celebrates this every year in September
 4 A few word here and there - they might rhyme
 6 You sign with it;a pretty picture
 8 I'll be brief, you store your writing here
 10 If you read it - you might want to do this next?
 13 Soldiering on, she's curator of The Contest Challenge
 14 Their bags are always blue
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