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Identify the oldest universities.
The universities here are the oldest in the UK, comprising the six ancient universities (founded pre-1600), the 19th century universities, and the first wave of civic universities of the early 20th century, commonly referred to as the "red brick" universities.
 4 A "red brick" university whose modern incarnation has been created through multiple mergers. It's not always raining here - it just seems like it.
 5 A capital location for a 19th century university. In its modern incarnation, its colleges are effectively separate institutions.
 6 19th century again. Well, if it's not England, Scotland or Northern Ireland, that cuts down the options.
 8 Fourth oldest university in Scotland, youngest of the six ancient universities. You want a castle? They got a castle!
 11 First of the "red brick" universities. Used to be called "The Venice of the North" for its canals (if you ignore the fact it's in the middle of England).
 12 Oldest university in Scotland, third oldest of the six ancient universities. I think they might sometimes play golf in this neck of the woods...
 13 Another "red brick" university. Go here and you'll never walk alone.
 1 Second oldest university in Scotland, fourth oldest of the six ancient universities. "Second City of the Empire" back in the day.
 2 Second oldest of the six ancient universities. "The city of perspiring dreams."
 3 Another 19th century university, the biggest and oldest university of Northern Ireland. Shares a name with a borough of New York.
 5 A "red brick" university, the first university in Yorkshire.
 7 Third oldest university in Scotland, fifth oldest of the six ancient universities. "The Granite City."
 9 First of the 19th century universities. Roger Whitaker famously sang of leaving this town.
 10 This "red brick" university is in a major port in the South West.
 12 A "red brick" university in a city once famous for steel. You don't have to go The Full Monty to get this one.
 14 Oldest university in the UK. "The city of dreaming spires."
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