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Poetry contest for W.Com newbies! Come spread your poetic wings!
*Burstv**Burstp* THIS CONTEST IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED *Burstv**Burstp*

Welcome to "Rising to the Challenge" poetry contest!
A Contest Just for Registered Authors
Dedicated to encouraging and supporting budding poets

*Vine1* *Poseyy* *Vine2*

*Vignette5**Bulletv**Vignette6* A good poet's made as well as born.  *Vignette6**Bulletv**Vignette5*
Ben Jonson (1572-1637)
English dramatist, poet and actor.

*Vine1* *Poseyb* *Vine2*

         If you are new to WDC and love to write poetry, this is the contest for you.  This contest is open to Registered Authors (those with black suitcases) who have been members on WDC less than 2 years.

*Vine1* *Poseyr* *Vine2*

Why enter this contest ?

*Star* Quality reviews and suggestions to help you develop your poetry skills

*Star* Opportunity to earn generous giftpoints (GPs) *Dollar* and an awardicon if you are selected as a winner. *Bigsmile*

*Star* Confidence that comes from positive competition.

*Burstp*  *Confettip*  *Giftp* BONUS PRIZE! *Giftp* *Confettip* *Burstp*

         A chance to be honored as a Rising Stars Emerging Poet and selected for sponsorship in the *Stary**Stary*Rising Stars*Stary**Stary*, a fantastic group whose focus is to actively seek out and mentor exceptional writers here on WDC.

Who are the "Rising Stars ! ?

         We are a program set up to identify and encourage talented new writers here on WDC. We seek to achieve this through member-to-member reviewing, activities and contests that support a love of writing and the desire of writers to share their creativity and imagination.   
*Vine1* *Poseyv* *Vine2*

Here’s how the contest works:

*Balloonb* Do you write free verse or traditional rhyme poetry?  We love poetry, so come one, come all!  All poetry forms are welcome. Each poet may submit ONE poem of any form with a maximum of 40 verses/lines. 

*Balloony* Please post your entry in b-item format in this manner:

         Scroll down this page  *Down**Down**Down* and click on "Post a New Message"
         Start a new message/thread in the blank box by inserting your bitem link.

*Balloonp*Entries MUST be posted in bitem format.  If you need help with bitem linking, please check out:"How to Create a B-item Link   Please enable "Rating Requires Review" for your item.

*Balloono* Once an item is submitted, please do not edit the content of the poem until after the winners are announced on the 1st.

*Balloonr*  Only 35 poetry entries with items rated “E” to “13+” will be accepted per contest from WDC Registered Authors of less than 2 years.

*Balloonv* In order to award all prizes, there must be a minimum of 10 valid entries submitted by 10 individual poets per contest period.  With a minimum of 5 valid entries, only a first prize will be awarded.  One or more of the winners may be selected to join our Rising Stars program as talented writer(s) with exceptional potential.

*Balloong* All writers who enter are given a fair shot at winning.

** Image ID #1898127 Unavailable **

          Entries may be submitted from the 1st through the 20th of each month. Any entry time-stamped with the date of the 21st will be disqualified, and must be entered the next round. Reviewing of your entry may commence at any time after your poem is submitted.  All entries will be reviewed and rated by at least one judge.  Winners will be announced on the 1st of each month.

*Vine1* *Poseyv* *Vine2*

** Image ID #1817602 Unavailable **
1st place: 25k awardicon plus 5000 GPs
2nd place:10k awardicon plus 5000 GPs
3rd place: 5000 GPs
Honorable Mention: 2500 GPs

** Image ID #1904818 Unavailable **

*Pointright*Must have a minimum of five entries to judge for a 1st place prize. Must have a minimum of 10 entries to judge for all three prizes.

*Vine1* *Poseyy* *Vine2*

*Vine1* *Poseyb* *Vine2*

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October secret pal
~Spooky Sisco ~
Gabriella *StarR*
Crissy ~ Happy, Joyous, Free
~WhoMe???~ *StarR*
Z. R. Curzi
Marlin Spike

*StarR* indicates multiple donations!

*Vine1* *PoseyP* *Vine2*

Helpful Poetry Information

We love poetry!  There is so much to learn and know about the craft.  We thought you might be interested too and so we have provided some helpful information from poets right here on WDC.  Enjoy!

 Turtle's Poetry Library  (E)
Articles for use with the New Horizons Poetry Classes
#1879674 by Turtle ~ KanyáthƐko:wa:h

2011 Poetic Exploration Form Book  (E)
Book to keep my examples of Form Poetry
#1738711 by ShelleyA~8 years at WDC

Thank you to ShelleyA~8 years at WDC and Turtle ~ KanyáthƐko:wa:h for their wonderful support of new poets here on WDC and this contest.  They are stars!*Star* *Star* *Star* *Star* *Star*

Deep thanks and special appreciation to *SuitHeart* ~WhoMe???~ *SuitHeart* for her remarkable leadership, guidance and support in setting up this contest to benefit poets here on WDC. 

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