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by Elle
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For discussion on all things related to the Roots and Wings contest and group
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Black letters on a white page
are all that remain
of the noble lives they once led.

Black splotched photographs of white faces
peer out at me and plead,
"Please remember and tell about me."

But I do not know them,
only their names
Black letters on a white page.

There are stories all around us. As writers, we find truth and inspiration every day, and through our passion and talent, we are able to show the world something they haven't seen before. But, what about the stories in the attic? There's more to the photo than black and white, and who better than you to show the shades of gray. Be inspired by the lives of those who went before you. They long for you to tell their stories, and make them live again.

You don't have to be interested in family history. Perhaps there is just one person whose story you believe needs telling. Perhaps there is one particular story you've heard or discovered that you'd like to share. Come and join us! We'd love to have you along!

We hope to find people who are interested in writing and sharing their family stories - the stories of people who are no longer with us. Whether it's in short story or poetry format, we want to help YOU put that information into a historical fiction form.

Please take the time to check out the "Roots & Wings Historical Fiction Contest, a contest that prompts you to put pen to paper and share that family story. You can follow the prompts, or simply submit anything you have found so far. We just want to get you moving and sharing your family legacy. For ideas on what to look for or write about, you can also check out "R&W Contest Prompts.

Roots & Wings Historical Fiction Contest  (E)
Can you capture the essence of an ancestor in one story or poem? (2013 Quill Award Winner)
#1962161 by Angels in my Ear

R&W Contest Prompts  (E)
A record of past prompts used in the Roots and Wings Contest.
#1962214 by Angels in my Ear

Whether you choose to enter the contest or not, join us at the "Roots & Wings Discussion Forum. Here you can ask questions about how to find what your looking for, or share your experiences with others who have discovered this amazing gold mine of lost and found history. If you have any great prompt ideas, we'd love to hear them. What have you found in your history?

"Roots & Wings Group will give you resource lists, ideas and inspiration, and connect you with others who are inspired by their ancestry. There is no group participation required, other than a monthly newsletter and the occasional e-mail. You do not need to join the group to participate in the contest or discussion forum. If you only want to write one story, that's enough for us.

Thank you again for your time, we appreciate it. We hope to see your entry into the contest which opens on 11th of each month and ends on the 10th of the next. All first time entries will receive a Roots and Wings MB just for entering.

Merit Badge in Roots and Wings
[Click For More Info]

Without you, there'd be no  [Link To Item #1962411]  and no  [Link To Item #1962161] . You inspire me and you get me motivated, and you encourage everyone to take the next step (whatever that step might be) in their journey towards documenting their family history. You can look at all these wonderful family stories and poems, and know that without your efforts, they might not have been written. Thank you for letting me play a part, but thank you more for taking action and helping make this group a reality.

Come check us out! You can find us quickly using our alias {item:roots}

Angels in my Ear and Elle

Please use this forum to discuss anything related to family history, genealogy or the "Roots & Wings Historical Fiction Contest.

Feel free to share items inspired by the contest, prompt ideas, your own personal research, any challenges you are having, questions, etc. This is a complicated journey. Many of us are just starting down the road, while others have been traveling and marking the path. If you want to share your knowledge, and help others find what they need, please stick around.

We encourage discussion and welcome you to introduce yourself, speak up, answer any questions if you know the answer, and generally make yourself at home.

You may also use this forum to request addition to the "Roots & Wings Group, through which you will recieve monthly newsletters on topics of interest, as well as updates on the contest. Our item alias is {item:rootsgroup}

Looking for resources to get started? Try these helpful links:

http://www.familysearch.org it has much of the same information as ancestry.com, but is free of charge.

https://familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/Talk:Fast_Accurate_Research_Tips has helpful tips on google searching and other free sites.

If you're interested in reading articles from past newsletters check here.

Roots and Wings Newsletter Archives  (E)
Information on finding, researching, and recording your family history.
#2026694 by Angels in my Ear

If you need to contact a group leader, they are Angels in my Ear and Elle .


Elle's Family History  (E)
All my items related to my work on the family history, including stories and recipes.
#1889597 by Elle

Whispering Angels  (E)
Are your ancestors pleading with you to be remembered? What do they whisper in your ear?
#1932772 by Angels in my Ear

Memoirs  (E)
One spot to keep short stories about places, people, events, and pets I remember.
#1921742 by Connieann

I'm an Open Book  (E)
"Write what you know," they told me. So, I did.
#1994219 by Dance-Monkey ~ We've got this

Essays, Tributes, Stories, and other writings about family, friends, pets and more
#1852198 by ANN Counselor, Lesbian & Happy

 My Family History Blog  (ASR)
This blog is a daily written account of my researching my family history.
#2031298 by Showering Dutchessbarbie.

A Family Built Of Love  (E)
This is a family history I've written for my nephews,endearing memories.
#2014495 by Lisa Noe~Kittylove
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