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Mar 2, 2013 at 12:59am
Winter 2012/2013 = Success!
by Annette
Winter 2012/2013 = Success!

This winter round was the second issue of the "I Write" project. Considering the turnout for this round was a lot less than in comparison to the summer round, we had 9 out of 10 entrants complete their trains! I call that success!

I want to thank each one of you for sticking with it and making it possible to create the cute little trains with colorful wagons.

*Snow4* Winter 2012/2013 Writing Weeks: *Snow4*
Week 1: December 1 - 7 "Week 1 Stories and Poems"  
Week 2: December 8 - 14 "Week 2 Stories and Poems"  
Week 3: December 15 - 21 "Week 3 Stories and Poems"  
Week 4: December 22 - 28 "Week 4 Stories and Poems"  
Week 5: December 29 - January 4 "Week 5 Stories and Poems"  
Week 6: January 5 - 11 "Week 6 Stories and Poems"  
Week 7: January 12 - 18 "Week 7 Stories and Poems"  
Week 8: January 19 - 25 "Week 8 Stories and Poems"  
Week 9: January 26 - February 1 "Week 9 Stories and Poems"  
Week 10: February 2 - 8 "Week 10 Stories and Poems"  
Week 11: February 9 - 15 "Week 11 Stories and Poems"  
Week 12: February 16 - 22 "Week 12 Stories and Poems"  
Week 13: February 23 - March 1 "Week 13 Stories and Poems"  

Writers with a complete train (no more than two *Suitcase*) win a Winter or a Writing merit badge.

*Railroad* *Train* *Suitcase* *Suitcase* *Suitcase* *Suitcase* *Suitcase* *Suitcase* *Suitcase* *Suitcase* *Suitcase* *Suitcase* *Suitcase* *Suitcase* *Railroad* Stuck in the mire ~BlueAsIce
*Railroad* *Train* *Traincar1Bl* *Traincar1B* *Traincar1R* *Traincar1G* *Traincar1Y* *Traincar1O* *Suitcase* *Suitcase* *Traincar1R* *Traincar1G* *Suitcase* *Traincar2Bl* *Railroad* KerrieAnnS *CheckG* Finisher *CheckG*
*Railroad* *Train* *Traincar1Bl* *Traincar1B* *Traincar1R* *Traincar1G* *Traincar1Y* *Traincar1O* *Traincar1W* *Traincar1B* *Traincar1R* *Traincar1G* *Traincar1Y* *Traincar2Bl* *Railroad* A*30s*Faith *BalloonR* Winner! *BalloonR*
*Railroad* *Train* *Traincar1Bl* *Traincar1B* *Traincar1R* *Traincar1G* *Traincar1Y* *Traincar1O* *Traincar1W* *Traincar1B* *Traincar1R* *Traincar1G* *Traincar1Y* *Traincar2Bl* *Railroad* Weirdone-Back in the games *BalloonR* Winner! *BalloonR*
*Railroad* *Train* *Traincar1Bl* *Traincar1B* *Traincar1R* *Traincar1G* *Traincar1Y* *Traincar1O* *Traincar1W* *Traincar1B* *Traincar1R* *Traincar1G* *Traincar1Y* *Traincar2Bl* *Railroad* C.Evil *BalloonR* Winner! *BalloonR*

*Railroad* *Train* *Traincar1Bl* *Traincar1B* *Traincar1R* *Traincar1G* *Traincar1Y* *Traincar1O* *Traincar1W* *Traincar1B* *Traincar1R* *Traincar1G* *Traincar1Y* *Traincar2Bl* *Railroad* dwarf2012 *BalloonR* Winner! *BalloonR*
*Railroad* *Train* *Traincar1Bl* *Traincar1B* *Traincar1R* *Traincar1G* *Traincar1Y* *Traincar1O* *Traincar1W* *Traincar1B* *Traincar1R* *Traincar1G* *Traincar1Y* *Traincar2Bl* *Railroad* Lonewolf *BalloonR* Winner! *BalloonR*
*Railroad* *Train* *Traincar1Bl* *Traincar1B* *Traincar1R* *Traincar1G* *Traincar1Y* *Traincar1O* *Traincar1W* *Traincar1B* *Suitcase* *Traincar1G* *Suitcase* *Traincar2Bl* *Railroad* LostGhost: Seeking & Learning *BalloonR* Winner! *BalloonR*
*Railroad* *Train* *Traincar1Bl* *Traincar1B* *Traincar1R* *Traincar1G* *Traincar1Y* *Traincar1O* *Traincar1W* *Traincar1B* *Traincar1R* *Traincar1G* *Traincar1Y* *Traincar2Bl* *Railroad* Dawn Embers *BalloonR* Winner! *BalloonR*
*Railroad* *Train* *Suitcase* *Traincar1B* *Traincar1R* *Suitcase* *Traincar1Y* *Traincar1O* *Traincar1W* *Suitcase* *Traincar1R* *Suitcase* *Traincar1Y* *Traincar2Bl* *Railroad* sssam-on the way back *CheckG* Finisher *CheckG*
Winter 2012/2013 = Success! · 03-02-13 12:59am
by Annette

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