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Jan 10, 2015 at 5:33pm
Edited: January 10, 2015 at 7:12pm
Re: WritingML for Progress Meter?
*chuckle* Nifty -- and yes, I've seen theckenast's version and that's a whole lot of ML... So, perhaps just to stop people from making crazy big ML strings of images... And cause mini-P15 isn't a bad thing..... Here's a BETA WritingML progress bar... ** BETA means it's new and the syntax COULD CHANGE in the short term. *Wink*

I'm building it into the existing "code" structure of WritingML, which has some other customizable functions floating around.


PERCENT must be a number (with or without % sign)
COLOR_LEFT defaults to GREEN
COLOR_RIGHT defaults to RED
LABEL defaults to %
TEXT defaults to complete

Some examples:

{code:progress(80)} yields:
80% complete

{code:progress(50%,blue,gray)} yields:
50% complete

{code:progress(50,blue,gray, -->,coolness)} yields:
50 --> coolness

{code:progress(19,violet,ppink)} yields:
19% complete

{code:progress(100%,#FF0000,#000000)} yields:
100% complete

{code:progress(0,#FF0000,#000000)} yields:
0% complete

WritingML for Progress Meter? · 01-10-15 4:39pm
by Jeff
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by A Non-Existent User
*Star* Re: WritingML for Progress Meter? · 01-10-15 5:33pm
by The StoryMaster
Re: Re: WritingML for Progress Meter? · 01-10-15 8:43pm
by 💙 Carly - Pumpkin Spiced

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