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May 29, 2019 at 5:06am
Re: Pictures.
Where did you upload the photos? In a Photo Album item, in a Book item, in a post in a Forum item, or directly in the newsfeed post you made?

*AsteriskR* If you uploaded the photos in a Photo Album item, in a Book item, in a post in a Forum item --
Each of those upload places has an access restriction that says who can view that page. On the create/edit page of any item, the main access restriction drop menu is between the content rating of the item and the three genre drop menus. The default setting is Make Public - Allow Everyone! The secondary access restriction is in the Advanced section of the create/edit page, and is labeled Restrict Access Based on Membership Type:.

So the question is what is the item ID number of the place where you uploaded the photo, and what is the access restriction(s) of that item?

*AsteriskR* If you uploaded the photos directly in the note, then the access restriction is not the issue. In that case, the question is: in your note, did you use a photo tag with the photo ID number to tell the system where in your note you wanted to display the photo?
WritingML Help for photo

Hope that helps.

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