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Oct 14, 2019 at 12:03am
Re: 'Image Sharing Restricted' Question
The Review Tool previews WILL show an Image Sharing Restricted notice because that's the system displaying the preview, and not you posting the review.

Once a review is sent --
The images do show up in the review email notification to the review recipient.
The images do show up in a review link.

However, any listing of reviews will show only ONE image in a review. So your Affiliated Reviews LISTING is displaying them correctly.

The sharing restricted notice WILL display in review replies/emails from someone else. Those are being "used" by the other person, and the images are set to not allow sharing. This is also correct.

Those without an Upgraded membership cannot use images themselves. Membership does not affect who can see images where the image owner uses them, or if the images are shareable, who can see them where someone who has an Upgraded+ membership uses them. Of course, to view an image one must have access to where it is used.

No, there's no glitch there either. You cannot use Group GPs to send with a review. It doesn't matter whether you use the Review Box or the Review Tool. Going to the Group and using the tool provided for that is the correct way to send Group GPs.

Hope that helps.

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