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An interactive forum for puzzle lovers. Now CLOSED for modifications.
*Question*RIDDLER'S RAMPAGE*Question*



for modifications

Welcome to Riddler's Rampage! This is an interactive activity area where riddlers and puzzle lovers unite for fun activities and contests involving prizes and the such. Since activities will be coming and going, rules won't be stationary except for these ground policies:

--This forum is open to activity submissions, hello's, WDC related conversation, WDC plugs and so on. Since this forum is viewed by everyone, please keep comments 13+ and under. Also plugging abuse is also forbidden: do not dominate the forum with them.

--We respect and accept all newbies, be kind to everyone!

--Plagiarism is never ever acceptable, only original work and riddles

--Have fun!!!



Riddle Contest (Round 1)
Submit your original riddles and win prizes for them! Three entries per person per contest round. Round ends October 24th and when there are sufficient entries (25). These riddles may be used for future contests (with your permission, as well as a small royalty) so send them to my email instead of posting them in the forum (they will NOT be accpeted). If I somehow find out that the riddle is not of your making you will be expunged from the contest and be given a warning. Repeat this and you will be reported to a higher WDC authority. Now, for something more cheerful...PRIZES!

1st Place-----Your name in the hall of riddle making fame as well as 10,000 GP

2nd Place-----5,000 GP

3rd Place-----2,500 GP

Honorable Mentions(5)-----500 GP


Guess My Number Contest
Very simple contest here to gain an audience. I have a random number and I give you all hints. Each person may guess once a day, and I will record all guessed numbers here. If nobody can guess the number for a while I will give another hint. Don't feel bad if you don't win! It's mostly luck anyways...but now, Prizes!

First to guess the number exactly--2,500 GP

Within 20 of the number (awarded at the end to first 5 people to get one)--500 GP

Numbers Guessed--[-none-]

Note:When you post your first number you HAVE to introduce yourself. When you post your second you HAVE to either plug something of yours or somebody else's.
Come on...let's get to know each other.

Hints So Far--
-I am between 0 and 1000
-All of my digits are even (0 counts as even)

Keep yor eyes open for more upcoming contests!



goghvinci --Has donated 5000 GPs


*Question*Other Stuff and Things*Question*

Donations are very appreciated!

-All donators get recognition on this forum

-All donators donating 20,000 or above get a Generosity Merit Badge and recognition on this forum.

-All donators donating 50,000 or above get a Generosity-Merit Badge, recognition on this forum, and get space to plug an item of there choice for 1 month in the recognition section. They also get immortalized in the riddle hall of fame as a generous donor.

This is an interactive forum, make suggestions, talk about applicable events, and participate in activities. Check us out often!

I will soon create a Riddler's Rampage hall of fame for winners, so try hard!


*Question*Bulletin Board*Question*

--Only two riddle submissions so far!
--Opening of "Guess My Number" Mini-Contest, it's quick, it's easy, and you can win GPs! Why not?
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