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by Kenzie
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Need stories on prayer, small groups, tithing, quiet time and the value of community.
My pastor has asked that I help him find articles and stories about small groups, prayer, tithing, personal quiet time and the value of community.

Of course I'll be searching the Internet for him. But I also wanted to give my Christian WDC friends a chance at being selected as well.

These stories will be part of our weekly church bulletin and his weekly email/newsletter. He may also want to use stories in his sermons on Sunday. Parson Larsen is looking for stories, exhortations, or teachings on any of the above subjects.

Pastor John figures - and rightfully so, after a short search I did today - that some of these topics will have lots of information. He wonders if finding stories about the value of community might be harder to locate. He's looking for stories or articles that show...

The importance, value, or benefit of:

The whole community of faith being in worship together.
A church connection with the community.
A church involved in a local mission.

We need 52 stories per year, most likely trying to use one topic on week one, another on week two, etc.

This is not a paying proposition. But there would certainly be exposure and lots of appreciation - from me, our pastor, our congregation and - I'm certain - from God. (Well...I'll send some gift points for either suggesting or providing a story.)

Just post a link to something you've written about any of the above topics. Or point me to something you've discovered on the Internet. Please, no "author unknown" email forwards. Most of you know how I feel about those! (If not, see the link below.)

Thanks for your help!

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Anonymous is such a great writer. Must be. He/she writes some wonderful e-mail forwards.
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