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Create a super hero and write a short story about him/her and his/her adventures.
Hello everyone! This is my first time attempting to host a contest, I hope there is a good turnout and everyone has a good time. So here are the rules:

- Create an original super hero/heroine with original powers and abilities.

- Write a story about this character and his/her experiences.

- Be as creative as possible and try to make your stories comical.

- There is no min or max amount of words but please be reasonable.

- Keep ratings to 18+ and under.

-please post in
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# by Not Available.

- Have fun and good luck.

Thanks to a generous donation, I have been able to increase the prizes.

1st place- 10,000 gp's and either one ribbon (color of your choice), or a merit badge.

2nd place- 7,000 gp's

3rd place- 500 gp's

honerable mentions- a damn nice compliment!

Entries may be posted from today(12/2) until 12/119. I will judge as quickly as possible.

I believe I have some great ideas for contests
but positively no capital. Please donate, your
gifts are greatly appreciated!

Email me with any questions.

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