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Rewarding the slacker in each one of us and earning gps for Raok and Roll!
*Idea*  CONTEST  *Idea*


This contest is in support of
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This item number is not valid.
#1184101 by Not Available.

Minions of Waltz  (18+)
To me, my minions!
#1048726 by Robert Waltz

*Exclaim*  RULES  *Exclaim*

1.  This contest is now officially CLOSED!

2.  All entries must be submitted before 9 p.m. WDC time on March 31st. You may edit up until the time of the deadline itself, but stories edited after the deadline or after I have reviewed them will be disqualified.

3.  All items must be posted in bitem or item format; that is
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# by Not Available.
or "Invalid Item, where your item’s numbers would replace the #s. If you lack the space in your portfolio to do this, email me and let me know and either myself or one of my judges will host the item for you.

4.  All items must be SHORT STORIES. No poetry, please. It's not that I dislike poetry, it's that I don't consider myself knowlegeable enough to accurately judge the quality of poetic submissions. If you're interested and willing to judge for poetry, please let me know and if there's time, we'll work that in.

5.  Stories need not be NEW, but must fit within the guidelines for this contest.

6.  All submissions must be 15 KBytes or smaller (that's approximately 2000 words).

7.  Items must be rated 13+ or lower.

*Dollar*  WINNERS & PRIZES!  *Dollar*

The WINNER of this contest is allis_in_LI winning 15,000 gps for the item:

 Bagged Improv  (13+)
winner of the My Dog Ate My Homework, it's not just lost homework that may be a problem.
#1236387 by allis_in_LI

In 2nd place is oostun winning 6,500 GPs + sig for the item:

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#1236768 by Not Available.

And in 3rd place is Kez winning 3,500 GPs + sig for the item:

 Homework On Christmas?  (E)
How dare they!
#1225596 by Kez

Please congratulate all our winners and R&R! Thanks everyone for such a great contest!

Due to a fabulous donation, I've upped the prizes a bit! Plus, my good friend Black Willow has agreed to make customized sigs for each of the winners from her sig shop. Check it out for an added incentive! "Invalid Item

1. If there's a tie, there will be an additional award. I refuse to penalize folks for quality work.
2. If there's less than 5 participants, I will award each person 1,000 gps for their time and effort.

NOTE: Please allow several days to a week for judging and the announcement of the winners.

*Star*  DONATIONS  *Star*

Since this is a contest supporting another contest, I have 2 categories for donations.

1.  If you wish your donation to support my cause, please go to "Invalid Item and donate direct to the group, but please, please! remember to say that the donation is for ME!

2.  If you wish your donation to help boost rewards for this contest, please donate directly to my group: "Evil Judges Group (That's group #1220888)


*Question*  GUIDELINES  *Question*

I believe that it's safe to say that every one of us has had a moment where our teacher (be it english, math, science, history, etc) has looked at us and asked, "And where's your homework?"

Short of saying something like, "My dog ate it," or a mumbled, "I don't know ..." this contest will be geared towards rewarding the best, most creative excuse for a missing piece of homework. Let that muse out of the closet and get to thinking (and writing!) about how you're going to explain to your teacher why you're not turning in your homework.

Make me laugh or make me cry, but all entries will be graded in each of the following areas:

1.  Setting: Could you see it? Did the author use all the senses?

2.  Character Development: How did the characters grow throughout the chapter? How believable are they?

3.  Historical Referencing: Do the clothes, hairstyles, language, actions, etc... match with the time period—this includes current day—of the setting?

4.  Plot: Did it leave you asking the right questions or were you totally lost?

5.  Grammatical: Are there any consistent grammar or spelling errors the author should be aware of?

6.  General: Talk about any other areas where there is room for improvement: POV, descriptions, dialogue, format, etc...

NOTE: All entries will receive a public review by each of the judges, in each of these areas.

*Reading*  JUDGES  *Reading*

Your judges for this contest are:

KC under the midnight sun




*Cool*  GOOD LUCK!!  *Cool*
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