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Meet, discuss, exchange ideas/comments here for the starship Andromeda.
Inside the Andromeda.

This is a picture of the Deepwater Black.

(this next image got a little cramped when I shrank it, so if you'd like a copy of the larger picture, just let me know)

More Ship Specs

Ship specs:
         overall ship length (bow to stern): 298 meters
         overall ship height (top to bottom): 106.8 meters
         overall ship width (port to starboard): 148 meters
         overall ship weight: 37,530 metric tonnes

The top deck is the command deck. There's a meeting room, bathroom (there's a bathroom on every deck), weapon's locker, and the bridge. This is the only deck on board with a picture window, stretching in 180 degrees, port to starboard (approximately). The viewscreen is currently covered by a blast shield and can be ionized to approximate a computer screen and display the data from the sensors. The glass is a silicone-composite, completely see-through and triple-paned as well as having its own, separate, shielding system (plus the blast shield).

The next deck down is the Crew Quarters or Habitat Deck. Each member of the crew has their own, separate quarters, about 300 square meters of space, customizable to each person. All rooms have beds and private bathrooms equipped with all the necessities, including sonic showers. Also on the Habitat Deck is the kitchen and its supply cabinets, a large dining room with a table that can seat 20, a lounge, with comfortable sofas and chairs, a gym, and an entertainment/media center. All furniture is firmly mounted into the floor and/or walls so it can't slide around.

Next down is the Med-Sci Deck, which is split; half for the Medical Bay, which holds the cryo beds, and half for the Science Labs. In the first season of DS9, Dax has this office/computer terminal/thingie (especially noticeable in the pilot episode) that she uses to observe stuff and research, etc. There is one portion of the Science Bay that I envision to be like this. Also on this deck are chem, bio, and physics-type labs (to be shared by Chance and Hyke) and plenty of storage space for (currently empty) sample containers, additional tools/toys, and misc bits.

After that is the Conservatory (aka greenhouse). In here, all manner of plant life is grown to produce oxygen and fresh fruits and vegetables for our human crew. The conservatory is also used as a recreational facility with some open spaces for enjoying short walks or simply lounging on the grass. Not all the plants produce something edible, but most do. Specialized drones cultivate the vegetation and collect the edibles.

Then comes the Weapons Deck, with the equipment and controls for the munitions and shields. There is a turret (circa Star Wars' Millenium Falcon) in here; there is also a control panel on the Command Deck, but it lacks some of the functionality of the turret. The weak point is the rear, where the engines are. There are otherwise approximately 270 degrees' worth of freedom for targeting.

The Engineering Deck is the largest deck/compartment on the ship. This is due to the extraordinary amount of equipment, including: 4 nuclear pulse engines, 2 phase transition engines, the mainframe for the SVC 2027 computer, a huge generator and battery bank (currently running close to empty), fuel for the engines, and enough parts and supplies to rebuild half again the engine capability. In addition, everything is recycled (water, air, etc) and most of that is also done in the engineering section.

The Cargo Bay and Shuttle Deck is the second largest area on board. Everything here is secured firmly. The two shuttles and escape pods are built into the floor and walls, with access tubes that can be sealed/cycled to account for the difference in atmosphere. Both shuttles can hold three people; the larger of the two is equipped to fly in atmosphere and the smaller is equipped with a vacuum interface for docking with other ships. In the cargo areas are some smaller, separate storage closets, but mostly everything is packed in here in crates and/or netting.

The escape pods can hold two people each, with enough air and supplies for a week. The escape pods have no engines, however, so their launch tubes are equipped to eject them on pre-determined trajectories, and these are programmable from the command deck, the cargo bay, or the pods themselves.

There is a vertical shaft throughout the ship which is the lift. The shaft is powered by magnets, so there are no cables, and there are rungs along the shaft for access to the ship if there's no power. Around the shaft is a narrow corridor, with doors leading off into the various rooms on the deck. For example, the Med-Sci Deck has half-a-dozen or more doors off the corridor and the Weapons Deck has 2, one that leads to Engineering, and the other into the portion of the ship that is actually called the Weapons Deck.

So that's the guts of the ship. I'll continue to update this as we go along and, as always, please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, and/or concerns.

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