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The Quills home page. General information, links and donations.

                   Introduced in 2022, this is the new Quills branding.

Welcome to The Quills, celebrating our 16th year!

Nominate someone "Quill Nomination Form 2024
Current year's nominees "2024 Quill Award Nominees
Previous years' winners "The Quill Book
Full Quill rules "The Quills Rulebook
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Who We Are

The Quills' mission is to recognise the contributions of members of Writing.Com, honor writing by presenting awards highlighting quality work , and acknowledge community involvement.

What We Do

We provide site-wide recognition of WdC's highest-quality work, as nominated by the community. We present unique, commissioned awards across 43 categories and up to 60 individual genres.

The Quills is volunteer-run and relies solely on donations and awards sponsorships.

How to Nominate

Any WdC member, of any case color, is eligible to nominate another member for a Quill. You cannot nominate yourself, and nominations from secondary accounts are not accepted.

When you find well-written, high-quality work, unique and well-executed activities/contests, and members whose contributions are an asset to the community, you can nominate them for a Quill "Quill Nomination Form 2024.

Items written from January 1 to December 31 of the current year are eligible for nomination, provided they meet the criteria rules.

You will need either the item number, entry number, and/or user name (not handle) to submit the nomination.

You must agree to keep the nomination confidential before the form can be submitted. See "The Quills Rulebook for the complete Quills rules and regulations.

Nominations close on January 10 of the following year.

Category Criteria
The criteria are available right on the "Quill Nomination Form 2024.

Quick Rules

Writing Awards


Fiction Prose

Nonfiction Prose

Other Prose

Community Awards

Contests, Fundraisers, and Activities


Other Community Awards

Overall Awards

Portfolio Awards

Special Contribution and Lifetime Achievement Awards



No Direct Genre Nominations

Genres the Quills Does Not Use

Importance of Genre Selection


The Quills categories are evaluated by panels of judges who select the winners; winners of genre categories are voted on by on the general membership by poll.

Any WdC member, regardless of case color, is welcome to be a panel judge. A call for judges will be put in the newsfeed, but you are welcome to contact Lilli 🧿 ☕ at any time if you'd like to be a judge.

General judging rules are in "The Quills Rulebook, and you can also consult "The Quills Judges' Handbook

Donations and Sponsorships

The Quills relies on donations and sponsorships to continue to provide exclusive awards recognizing WdC's highest calibre work. Our current awards can be found here: "Currently Available Quill Awards.

You can make donations through this forum, or you can make a direct donation by sending gift points to group item ID: 1375927.

Donations of 50k GPs will receive a Community MB
Donations of 100K+ will receive a Quill Sponsor MB

Donations to the general fund are accepted and donor names will be listed.

Sponsorship of categories are on a first-come, first-served basis. Sponsorships begin at 250K GPs. There is no limit to the number of categories you can sponsor, but there are rules related to sponsorships, your own nominations, and judging "The Quills Rulebook.

Sponsorships are available for these categories.
Sponsors will be listed with the category they sponsor and receive a Quill Sponsor MB:

250K - Best Reviewer (pays for 175k medal for the winner, 25k ribbon for the HM and MBs for both)
250K - Best Blog (pays for 175k medal for the winner, 25k ribbon for the HM and MBs for both)
350K - Best Port (pays for 200k plaque and merit badge for the winner, and 25k ribbon and MB for the HM)
350K - Best New Port (pays for 200k plaque and merit badge for the winner, and 25k ribbon and MB for the HM)
350K - Best Overall (pays for 200k plaque and an MB for the winner (there's no HM here)

To discuss sponsorship, please contact Lilli 🧿 ☕ .

Donors of 100K+ or Category Sponsors will receive an exclusive Quill Sponsor Badge.

Thank you to our nominees, nominators, sponsors, donors, judges, and volunteers for continuing to make The Quills a Success!

Nominate someone today "Quill Nomination Form 2024 and check out our current nominees "Invalid Item!

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