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Thank You for the WDC Quill Nomination for Best Contest!
Quill Nominee Signature 2022

The Red Wheelbarrow Poetry Group Presents ~

*Quill* Send us your best free verse poems and celebrate Poetry, YOURS, here on Writing.Com! *Quill* *Heart*



*Quill*  free verse poem
*Quill*  40 lines, or less
*Quill*  one entry per poet
*Quill*  accepts BITEM or ENTRY format
*Quill*  Old and new creations welcome
*Quill*  You may edit entry anytime
*Quill* This is a two-month contest, ending May 31st, consult timer above.



I'm a bit eclectic in the free verse sense, experimenting with sounds that employ light alliteration, assonance and some rhyme where it fits. My tastes can vary, but I will look for expertise as well as unique themes built around a single metaphor with words/imagery that compliment. Just surprise me.

Examples of what I write (not necessarily what I like) found here:
Life’s Little interruptions 🥀🦋  (13+)
2x Winner WDC Quills BestPoetryCollection. 📝 I cast my words to the world wide wind.
#1149750 by ~~ BKCompton ~~ even ~~ keeled

Two years in a row, voted WDC’s Best Poetry Collection

This is an example of bragging. *Wink*
Warning: Not all are gems, offered warts and all.


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Poetry is...  (E)
an absurd encounter with fear.
#2113609 by Dave

The Old Woman  (ASR)
There's an old woman... in the back seat of my mind.
#2295187 by Blueyez ৎ୭

Ghosts of Loved Ones Lost  (E)
memorial poem
#2274770 by Spring in my Sox

4. "Chester
Poetic Tension  (13+)
The eternal struggle of left brain vs right brain
#2251696 by Words Whirling 'Round

 Earthrise: 55 Years later  (E)
On December 24, 1968 astronauts took a picture of Earth from the moon.
#2295534 by Prosperous Snow

7. "An Average Day
Self check-out words for thought.
#2208847 by dogpack:saving 4 premium: DWG



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100% of donations used to reward participants. Current goal is to build membership and offer more activities...some exclusive to members with future RWG ribbon, when enough funds so it doesn't deplete bank for contest funds.



Owner/Operator and Judge:
~~ BKCompton ~~ even ~~ keeled

*Smile*Extra special thanks to MDuci , a very generous reviewer and supporter in the early days. She inspired me to start a contest and pay forward my gratitude. Brought out of mothballs, since I'm yellow, hope to continue helping aspiring writers get some sense of accomplishment.*Heart*
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