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by StephB
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A contest for script writers. Winners announced. New round open.
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This play/script contest will take place over the SUMMER months (see below *Down*). The official start date and end date are from noon to noon WDC time:


My thanks to StephB for the awardicon which graces this contest forum.

*Dollar* Prizes *Dollar*

*Star* 1st Place = 1 x awardicon, 1x Drama Merit Badge, 5,000 Gift points
OR, 25,000 gift points only

*Star* 2nd Place = 1 x awardicon and 2,500 gift points
OR 1x Drama Merit Badge and 2,500 gift points
OR 12,500 gift points only

*Star*3rd Place = 1 x awardicon,
OR 1x Drama Merit Badge,
OR 10,000 gift points only

*Star* Any Honorable Mentions will be given at the Judges discretion.

*Question* Rules *Question*

*Note4* You may edit up to the deadline but not beyond. Any item edited after deadline will not be considered.

*Note4* Plays/Script only: bare bones stage direction where the dialogue does the talking, not narrative description. Yes this means "The Dialogue 500 [18+] format is fine.

*Note4* You may enter any length/size of item, but do be aware the judges will only read as much as they like to get a feel for your play. For a basic guide you may want to consider most one act plays are 10-15 pages in real life and/or five act plays (no matter how long) are okay to submit.

*Note4* Judges are not required to give reviews, but most do *Smile*

*Note4* An item, for the terms of this contest, can be a book or a static item.

*Note4* There is no prompt and pieces do not have to be newly written. However, they must not have been previously awarded at the time of entering.

*Note4* Any genre, any rating welcome, but all items must be linked by ritem link in the forum post. "The illustrated guide to linking.

*Note4* Forum posts must be kept within the E rating or will be suspended/deleted. Titles and brief descriptions must be E as well "Please Keep It E!.

*Note4* One entry, per person, please.


Generous donors include:

*Thumbsup* Judges *Thumbsup*


Useful links for stage and screen script formats:

Useful WDC links:
"Invalid Item
"Drama Forum [13+]
"The Dialogue 500 [18+]


First Place goes to:
 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#844794 by Not Available.

Second Place goes to:
A Doctor's Duty  (ASR)
Medical ethics: where does a doctor's duty lie?
#1541615 by silverfeathers

Third Place goes to:
 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#1542018 by Not Available.

Honorable Mentions go to "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor and to "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor . The playwrights will be award 1,000 WDC Gift Points each.
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