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Want to thank someone, anonymous or not, for giving you an act of joy? Do so here!
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Showering Acts of Joy Group Banner by Joe Henley, Sr.


If you recently received a shower from Showering Acts of Joy and did not complete our end of shower survey, please take a moment to do that.
 How Was Your SAJ Shower?  (E)
A survey for people who have just recieved a shower from SAJ
#1778679 by Pat ~ Rejoice always!

Please leave a message for any Acts of Joy you have been showered with.  Feel free to tell us how we could have made your shower better.  *Smile*The only rules are that you must keep it to an E rating and you must have received an Act of Joy *Smile*

From ANN Counselor, Lesbian & Happy - early March, 2011: "Thank you for all the Showering Acts of joy. For the first time I really feel a part of the greater community here at WDC. The reviews have been helpful, honest when a negative word was appropriate, encouraging, and have given me hope that I really can be the writer I dream of being in these December years of my life. Thank you for the joy!! "

From Boston early November, 2010: "Please accept this small donation for your excellent group. I appreciate all of the reviews, and the reviewers who have taken the time to read and review my work." - - He gave our group 40k in gratitude for our reviews and his shower. *Wink*

Here's a message from not only a well known member, but one whom has bestowed tons of love and encouragement on members of WDC:  "Thank you for the super-cool Merit Badge! I am thrilled and honoured; even more so since it comes from your most-amazing group. I'm serious, you have one of the nicest, most helpful, gracious, professional and down-to-Earth group of shower bubbles I've ever seen. I'm sure you've seen the flattering comments they gave my Team in their reviews, and I am telling you, if I wasn't virtual, I'd be blushing. Like this --->  The shower was better and more thorough than I ever expected. All the SAJ members were incredibly nice, and I appreciate every one of them. And as a (small) Group leader myself, I can really appreciate your own role and leadership in the group.

I send thanks, admiration and fondness,

Vigilante Angel "

"Thanks to all who reviewed my stories.
I found the reviews to be insightful and helpful. As you all know,
receiving feed back from readers is important to any author. Your
reviews gave me a lot of information about how the reader felt, but
occasionally, suggestions for improvement.
All the reviews were great, thanks everyone.

Here's a short note from a well known member: Sticktalker   - late August/early September, 2010:

"Yes, indeed,it was a great shower. Really nice folks did the reviewing...and the reviewing was of a high quality nature. Well Done!
Please thank those who did the reviewing and the person (I think it was Hannah)who paid for the shower how much I appreciated it.

Here's an excerpt from a letter writen by aardvarkbark to one of our reviewers, LadyGreyWalker .  It really shows why SAJ was begun in the first place. 
"It's hard for me to express how much your reviews and comments mean to me. They are so excellent because you take the time to do them so well. You make a person feel that the work generated was worth the effort because of the response reflected in the thoughts you share. You bolster confidence in a person. You apply a warm touch to your reviews; that human characteristic that makes them real; not 'robotic' in any way. You are an expert reviewer, and a person who adds so much of herself to her reviews.  That makes them so very special."

It's too hot already! has this to say after her shower:  "May I take this time to say what an awesome group you have and your reviewers are outstanding!!"

Nani - Blessed Indeed has this to say about SAJ:  "I would like to donate this small gift to this worthwhile cause! I know that at this time it will have to be small....but, maybe the donation can grow in the future! Thank you for such a wonderful experience here on this site! Most everyone that I have interacted with has been encouraging and considerate."

ShellySunshine has this to say about her reviews by LadyGreyWalker
"I have really enjoyed your feedback from Jackson's story. I love it when someone can relate and understand why this is so important to me to share. I really must update Jackson's story. He is doing 95% better. He shows improvement and maturity all the time. He still has his issues and we are still on the roller coaster of emotions, but now the rages are gone and so is Alex. There is hope and I know now that all that I have done for Jackson is to improve his adulthood and give him a better chance at life. That is all we want. To be understood and given a chance to prove ourself. So again thank you so much for showering us with love and attention and understanding!"

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