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A fun way to get in the holiday spirit!

Get in the spirit of the holiday and be a Secret Santa!

As a Secret Santa, you will anonymously surprise
your giftee with little tokens of joy.
The giving period will be from Dec 12 - Dec 24.

Gifts can be a cNote, a review, or small gift tokens like sigs or tickets to a raffle.
At the end of the holiday, your Secret Santa will be revealed.

 TO JOIN , fill out "Form to be a Secret Santa
Names will be swapped on Dec 12th. The join form will not be available after Dec 11.
When you join, a Secret Santa will also be assigned to you on Dec 12th!

*Santahat* *Candycaneg* *Gingerbread*  Shareable Signatures *Gingerbread* *Candycaneg* *Santahat*
Click your membership level for link codes.

Free / Basic Memberships

Upgraded Memberships

Premium Memberships

*Snow1* *Snow2* *Snow3*

*Santahat* *Candycaneg* *Gingerbread* Activities and Cnotes *Gingerbread* *Candycaneg* *Santahat*

*Ornament2v* Cnotes *Ornament2v*

 "Holiday CNotes 1
 "Christmas cNotes
 "Christmas Wishes
 "Secret Santa Cnotes
 "Winter Holidays Cards
 "Ye Olde Christmas Greetings
 "Affordable cNotes for the Holidays
 "Seasonal Sentiments from a Southern Soul
 "Magical Season's Greetings
 "Just Right cNotes

*Up*Don't forget to click YES under "Send this cNote anonymously"*Up*

*Ornament1g* Activities *Ornament1g*

"Spa Care

These activities will accept email/ anon survey ticket purchases to keep your anonymity.

*Ornament3r* Gift a Signature or a Gift Certificate! *Ornament3r*

"Leger's Shop
"Kiya's Sig & Banner Shop
"Power Shop Gifts
"The Teddy Bear Gift Basket

*Ornament4y* Other Ideas! *Ornament4y*
*Star*Send a custom poem.
*Starb*Send a review.
*Starr*Gift a Winter Costumicon to a plain portfolio.
*Starbr*Merit Badges and Awardicons - "Secret Santa Cnotes has a promise cNote,
send the anonymous cNote now, send the Awardicon after Xmas.
*Star*If the person you're gifting has their physical address listed,
you could send something from "The Writing.Com Shop

List of participants will be revealed at the end here: "Secret Santa List 2017

Participants can order this merit badge until Dec 30!
Merit Badge in Secret Santa
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your new "Secret Santa" merit badge for your group,  [Link To Item #2023835] ! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We appreciate it! -SMs
"Order Form for Secret Santa Merit Badge

*Down**Down**Down* Post your Secret Santa ideas, comments and thanks below. *Down**Down**Down*
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