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Writing Contest for NAI Group- new members and those who missed it the first time.
Beautiful Native American couple, wolves, buffalo and eagle Poser.
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Hello NAI Group Members! Welcome to my first contest ever! I am so excited! To those of you who aren't members, how would you like to join our group? This group was started by Cissy, a beautiful person, friend and Cherokee Sister. Read here for details:
Native First Peoples Group  (13+)
(Temporarily Closed- revamping)Loving Support group, bringing all people together.
#1465538 by I Love WDC! Cissy❤

This is what the contest is about. Write a 500-1000 word essay about why you joined the NAI Group. Please put the word count in your entry. Write about your Native American Heritage. Write about what tribe you are from, their customs and your views on their customs. Did you meet your grandparents or great grandparents who are Native American? What stories did they share with you? How do you feel your tribe helped America? If you are a NAI member but aren't Native American, you may enter the contest, too. Write why you joined NAI. Write about your favorite tribe and why you admire them and would liked to have been part of that tribe.

Here is the item I wrote and what I am looking for in your essay.
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Please! Keep entries a E rating or ASR Rating. Please post entries in your Port and when posting on this forum, use the bitem. {bitem: then put number of item} I am sorry if I confused anyone. Entries can be submitted until Friday, January 16, 2009. The winners will be announced Friday January 23, 2009. Let's make this a fun contest. I am the only judge at this time but anyone interested in helping, send me an e-mail.

Like Survivor, this is what you are playing for{in our case, writing for}:

First Place: Dark Teal 25 K Awardicon
Second Place: Dark Violet 10 K Awardicon
Third Place: History Merit Badge

Let's start writing and have fun.

I loved having this contest. It wasn't easy choosng winners but here are the ones who moved me:

First Place:
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#1514487 by Not Available.

Second Place:
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#1512286 by Not Available.

Third Place: Merit Badge
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#1512670 by Not Available.

Special Writing Award:
NAI Writing Lessons 1-8  (13+)
My Cherokee Heritage
#1514595 by Hannah ♫♥♫

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Beautiful Poser of Native American Woman by best friend Angel.
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