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Fantasy/Erotica Short Story Contest for those who love to love mystical creatures.
Kiss male female Fantastic Sensuality

The Contest

The story must have a fantasy element, either creatures or settings, and an erotic/romantic element.

What does that mean?

Your story has to have at least 2 elements of the following:

- supernatural (ghosts, revenants)
- androids or robots
- vampires, werewolves, shifters
- dragons, elves, trolls
- ANYTHING you can come up with. I have no preference here.

- today, the future, the past - your choice
- parallel dimension
- fantasy realm
- a galaxy far, far away - or very close

- safe, sane and consensual
- no rape
- no pedophilia
- no bestiality
- one partner or many - your choice
- homosexual and/or heterosexual - whatever is your preference
- BDSM, pain play, sensation play ... all fine - but NO: blood, breath play or golden showers
- love or simply lust - that's up to you

- I don't require sex - but I do require some sensuality

Round 24 prompt:

Write me a story full of scents - the smell of autumn, of someone's skin ...


The Rules Contest

*Right* Short stories up to 7500 words. Post a word count at the top or bottom of your story in your item, not the forum post.

*Right* New, old, written in 2000? Post away! I want to see what's out there.

*Right* Be as subtle or as graphic as you like. Your story can have any rating from 18+ to XGC.

*Right* I will also rate for "Safe, Sane & Consensual". That means no rape, no pedophilia, no bestiality and do not kill anybody during or after sex!

*Right* Use your spell check! Proofread for grammar! A story with too many typos is no fun to read.

*Right* There are no restrictions on editing your stories. But: entries might be read at any time, so edits after the deadline has passed may not be seen.

*Right* One entry per author per round, please.

*Right* Post in bitem format only, text entries will get deleted. Here is the best resource to find out how to do it if you're unsure

The illustrated guide to linking  (ASR)
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#560037 by Writing.Com Support

Judging will be done by me, Christine

Anybody interested in judging for this contest, please send me an email for details.

Prizes contest

1st prize: 25,000 GP ribbon for item and a Merit Badge for Erotica or Fantasy (my choice)

2nd prize: 10 000 GP ribbon and a Merit Badge for Erotica or Fantasy (my choice)

3rd prize: 10,000 GP

Honorable mention receives GPs or a surprise.

Once notified, winners are required to reply with choice of ribbon color.
If there are less than ten entries, not all three prizes might get awarded. I don't want to feel forced to award an item simply because there is nobody else there.

Deadline contest

Every month on the 11th day, at 11.11 WDC Time

Current Deadline Round 24: November 11th; 11.11 o'clock WDC Time

qualified entries

Winners contest

To be announced on the 22nd day of every month, at 22.22 o'clock WDC time

Current announcement: Round 23 - October 22nd; 22.22 o'clock WDC time

Round 22 winner was dblameck (David) with
 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2057183 by Not Available.

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Blackthorn small

donors contest

Thank you to our generous donors:




~A.J. Lyle~

A.T.B: It'sWhatWeDo

Carol St. Ann

Donations to help fund the prizes are welcome. Any donation of 30k gift points or more gets a generosity Merit Badge. Here is the Group id #1941787

I thank Annette for the chance to revive this contest and I hope to live up to her example. I am still learning so if you have any comments or suggestions - don't hesitate to tell me Christine
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