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A place for the Rockin' Reviewers to hang out and socialize.

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Jimminycritic - Michigan

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Sumojo Sue - Western Australia Blog: "Day to Day happenings in my life Guestbook: "Sumojo’s Message Forum In & Out: "Not too rude jokes Crossword:
"Newbies crossword Poll: "How Are You Feeling Today  Pal Introduction: "Pal introduction "  
William Stafford William - Seattle WA
ForeverDreamer ~Fred -  East Tennessee
Ari Lox ~Bob - Maryland Blog: "Notes on the Horizon Pal Introduction: "Pal Introduction"   Poll "Words and Thoughts
LazyWriter ~Shiki - Near Leeds, England
ToucanTheRainwing ~Toucan - USA Guestbook: "Toucan’s Guestbook In & Out:"Invalid Item Poll "Invalid Item
Baloney Bill ~Billy - Des Moines, IA

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What's for Dinner?!  (13+)
Tired of trying to figure that out? Come and collect recipe cards with us!
#2174061 by Hannah ♫♥♫

Rach's Chocolate Emporium  (13+)
A place to purchase reviews, merit badges, and awardicons. We also sell yummy chocolate.
#2155763 by Choconut

No Dialogue Contest  (E)
Write a story containing no dialogue, in 700 words or less, based on the monthly prompt.
#2079495 by ~QPdoll

Question of the Day!  (18+)
Come answer a question, share a laugh, encourage one another, and bring me a coffee!
#2142667 by Lilli ☕

The Taboo Words Contest  (13+)
create writing that has wings
#2139468 by Choconut

Space Junkies  (13+)
Come Explore the Universe - First Mission: Mars
#2105795 by Hannah ♫♥♫

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PDG Newsletter image.PDG Newsletter image.

From Sir Jimminy:

I come from royalty, and I also have an affection for shiny things, more specifically, armor. Unfortunately, I'm too big when I'm in my dragon form (Charlotte) to wear my beloved shiny silver armor. Luckily, I can also shape shift into another form which allows me to indulge in my obsession. I am quite creative, especially when writing about the era of the British ... "Steampunk Story Contest

To see the source of my magic you must go to  "Jimminy's Writing Room

Enough about me. I'd like to hear all about YOU!

So tell me, and anyone else who happens to drop in, a bit about yourself. What do I call you? What do you like to write?  What do you think about WDC so far?  ...and of course, what beverage would you like?

Image for Sir Jimminy

Here are some things Charlotte is curious about but she is too polite to ask.  Guess it is left up to me.

Let's talk food:  We do have a cafe!
What is your favorite snack?  What did you have for dinner last night?  Know any good recipes?  What food grosses you out?
What is something that you would like to try?  Got any funny food stories?

Writing:  What are you working on?  What ... 





Come back often! Your fellow members want to get to know you better as does the staff, so jump into a conversation.  This is a social gathering, a chat room ...so spill, but not the coffee! Charlotte's rather particular about her Persian rugs, and you wouldn't want to upset her.

PDG Newsletter image.PDG Newsletter image.

Please feel free to leave the lounge area and roam about my huge castle. You never know what you might find..

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Wonderful puzzle!

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by Osirantinous · 06-09-19 @ 3:02 am
by Hannah ♫♥♫ · 06-08-19 @ 6:48 am
by Hannah ♫♥♫ · 06-08-19 @ 6:47 am
by Jimminycritic · 06-08-19 @ 6:23 am
by Jimminycritic · 06-01-19 @ 2:21 pm
by K.J.~I've Created a Monster! · 04-26-19 @ 12:57 pm
by Jimminycritic · 04-16-19 @ 7:01 pm
by Hannah ♫♥♫ · 04-15-19 @ 8:48 pm
by Jimminycritic · 04-15-19 @ 7:37 pm
by Hannah ♫♥♫ · 04-05-19 @ 4:14 pm
by Baloney Bill · 03-28-19 @ 1:02 pm
by The Dark_Huntress Returns! · 03-28-19 @ 12:46 pm
by Hannah ♫♥♫ · 03-28-19 @ 5:50 pm
by The Dark_Huntress Returns! · 03-26-19 @ 3:18 pm
by The Dark_Huntress Returns! · 03-23-19 @ 12:46 pm
by Ari Lox · 03-23-19 @ 11:49 am
by Jimminycritic · 03-21-19 @ 8:25 pm
by The Dark_Huntress Returns! · 03-21-19 @ 9:41 am
by Hannah ♫♥♫ · 03-21-19 @ 9:24 am
by The Dark_Huntress Returns! · 03-21-19 @ 6:54 am
by Sumojo · 03-20-19 @ 11:40 pm

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