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by Taizia
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Just one small sweet bite of poetry is all I need.
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The muse has struck, a new poem to write,
With pen and paper, creativity does bite.
Illustration, illusion, a new forgotten realm,
Saint of Writing put your hands upon the helm.

Descriptions and melodies, similes and rhymes,
Imagination unfolds within eight lines.
The challenge to move me! Give it your best,
Let me read it, in the Bite Size Poetry Contest!

Does poetry move you? It does me and sometimes I just need a fix so I decided to create this challenge. I've seen story contests for 300 words or less or even 255 characters or less. Then I thought why not try doing this for poetry and allow people to work on their skills.


So here is my challenge:

*Star*Write eight lines, or less (had to clarify it can be less than 8 lines ), of poetry*Smile* to try and move me. It can be happy,sad, provacotive, or entertaining. To me, the point of poetry is to make the reader envision the scene and feel the emotion. I'm reviewing on how you effect the reader...that's me, and on visualization and creativity.

*Star* I will review them every Sunday at 10:00 P.M. WDC time when the old round closes and the new round begins. Any submissions after 10 P.M. that are not for the next round will not be reviewed. (Please note: I work but I will do my best to meet this time)

*Star* I will award the winner a 5,000 GPS, second place 2,500 GPS, and third 1,000 GPS. Please note, if there are less than five entries, I will only award first place. (Prizes may vary from rounds depending on how much money I have to support the contest. I will update prize amount if it changes when I update prompt.)

*Star* ROUND 8 PROMPT: School Starting *Reading*

Prompt 8 ends September 2, 2018

*Star* Each week I will pick one that stands out the most. I will also try to give some form of review for each piece depending on the time I have.

*Star* Please submit a static piece from your portfolio. Please make sure that all entries are properly rated!

*Star* Since part of this contest is to challenge yourself to write a moving piece in under 8 lines, I ask that only newly created items be submitted.

*Star* Post your entry below *Down* using bitem format. If you still have problems after reading the link, I will assist you in posting.
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*Star* Only one entry per person, per week.

*Star* All poems must be 8 lines or less and must follow the prompt *Up* or will be disqualified.

Below is a link to view Previous Winners...I occasionally update the list because people have moved on or deleted their piece to make room...it happens :
"Bite Size Poetry-Hall of fame!

Thank you ~ Good Luck in the New Round!!!

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Any donations for this contest will be greatly appreciated.
Please send donations to group #1559855.
I will acknowledge anyone who donates over 10,000GPS.
The contest will continue only as long as I have funds.

Bite Size Poetry Donations 10,000 GPS and Over
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Keith (Dutch) Kuttner
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*Down* Post your entry for the Bite Size Poetry Contest in the forum below. Thanks Again!!!
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