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by Sum1
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Celebrate Writing.Com member account anniversaries with reviews. Earn GPs and MBs.
2012 Anniversary Reviews Banner

If you enjoy celebrating things, this forum is for you!  We celebrate member’s Anniversary’s year round in this forum by sending them a review during their Anniversary month!  Help members celebrate another year of membership by sending them Anniversary Reviews.

*Dollar*  Every Public Review will receive GPs given by me.  Your review must be public or I won’t be able to see it and award GP’s.  Quality reviews are encouraged, and will be rewarded with more GP’s than an average review. *Dollar*

*Earth* Everyone who sends  a minimum of 15 qualifying reviews in a calendar month will receive a merit badge. *Earth*

For June, I will send you an Accuracy Merit Badge

Merit Badge in Accuracy
[Click For More Info]

    "Thanks for the fantastic work you've done throughout March at  [Link To Item #anniversary] ! ~Lornda & Maryann


*Idea*Click this link

to see who has an Anniversary this month.  Choose someone on the list in that link, and send them a Review!  Or, go to: Writing.Com Tools.  The link to the current month's Account Birthdays is about half way down the list.

Featured Anniversary Reviewer

Each month, I will select an author celebrating their Anniversary as the featured Anniversary member.  The intent is to honor those who honor this site with their membership, work, and enthusiasm.  Some will be active in the forum, some may not.  This month’s I would like to feature two Anniversary Authors:

Amay is celebrating her 9th Anniversary on Writing.com.  I have known Katrina for 17 years, she is a close friend who really loves WDC;  life has a way of making you realize what’s important, and she’s spent a lot of time in her retirement with her grandchildren homeschooling them.  Still, she really loves WDC and misses spending more time here.  She’s a close friend, someone I treasure.

Emily is celebrating her 8th Anniversary on Writing.com.  Emily is a dedicated member of Writing.com who loves WDC, and no matter what she says, is the driving force behind the 30 Day Blogging Challenge.  That forum would not exist now if not for her efforts.  Let us all show both of these great ladies some WDC love, and honor them with a lot of reviews this month.  Please join me in this celebration by sending them numerous Anniversary Reviews!

ONE MORE NOTE:  Octobersun has revived her forum, "The Simple Fundraiser.  This month, one of the groups/forums that will benefit from this is "Anniversary Reviews.  Please drop by and see if you want to participate!


*Peace* A couple of things about this forum.

         a.  Anniversary Reviews has NO review affiliation, there is NO group to join.  However, affiliating your reviews with other groups is strongly encouraged. *Poseyv*

         b.  The review has to be a public review, or I won’t be able to access it and award you GP’s.*Treepine*

         c.  Your review must be at least 250 characters for the review to be credited. Greetings, sigs, disclaimer, or templates do not count.*Rain*

*MailY* Post your completed reviews in the forum. After completing a review, you'll receive a message similar to the following -

Thank you for submitting feedback for this item. Your reviews are stored within your My Feedback area for viewing at any time. This review's is ID #3121234. WritingML {review:3121234} yields Review of Invalid Review (for an valid review, this would be a hyperlink that can be used by me to easily access the review).  Simply copy that review number, such as{review:3121234} (including brackets), select 'New Post', and paste that into the body of the post. 

NOTE:  Please post your reviews soon after you complete them.  If you post a review more than 14 days after completing it, the system will not allow me to credit it.  I will not credit you GP's for that review, nor will it be counted as a completed review for your Merit Badge.*Frown*

*InfoB*  Your reviews must show they are an Anniversary Review in one of the ways shown below.

You may use the following disclaimer or your own version as long as it links back to this forum (Use {item:Anniversary} to link to the forum).

{center}{e:CakeB}{c:red}{b} HAPPY WDC ACCOUNT ANNIVERSARY FROM {item:anniversary}{e:CakeP}{/b}{/c}{/center}

Copy the above complete with WritingML and it will look like this:


Or use one of these sigs:

Anniversary Reviews email siggie

Several members have graciously created sig to be used with your Anniversary Review.  Thank you  everyone for allowing us to use these sigs!

A new Anniversary Review signature to use, courtesy of  [Link To User legerdemain]

An image donated by  [Link To User legerdemain]  for use with Anniversary Reviews

An image donated by  [Link To User legerdemain]  for use with Anniversary Reviews.

*Rainbowl* Other stuff to know about this activity: *Rainbowr*

Don't have time to send a review? A c-Note is always a welcome treat! Take a look at these c-note shops.

"Writing.Com - Account Birthdays"   by The StoryMistress
"WdC Anniversary cNotes"   by Lornda

All funds to support the forum are being held in group #1580741. Donations are appreciated. 30k GPs and up receive a Merit Badge. To see the full list of generous donors, click here:
Anniversary Reviews Bank  (E)
Anniversary Reviews Bank
#1580741 by Sum1

Check out the ports of our own anniversary reviewers with an account anniversary in June:

dblameck (David)   12 Years
brom21   9 Years
Amay   9 Years
Emily   8 Years

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