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Notes from the handbasket we're all riding in / for the fire and brimstone in your pen.
Well now.
One more kick at the can.
I dimly recall previous editorial attempts conducted in rather dismal surroundings
(much like languishing newspaper rooms in which the rats have chewed up and spit out
what's left of the newsprint - washed down with printer's ink.)
Ah me.

I figure...what with all that's going on out there in the real world right now -
one can simply dive into the ever-expanding digitized collective escapes from reality
(whatever they might be) or perhaps instead, come up for air and once the lungs are filled,
start yellin'!

A good howl once in awhile isn't such a bad thing.
It breaks up the cholesterol deposits.
Dusts off the tops of bookcases.
Keeps the neighbors honest.
Wakes the dog.
Kindles a good appetite for supper.
Improves the love life.
Replaces what was lost...(whatever that was.)

So - as the title suggests, whatever rants are in your pants,
they're welcome here.
(dresses, lungies and bathrobes optional.)


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by CaptainMidnightSingforPhoebe  •  06-11-20 @ 6:31 pm
by CaptainMidnightSingforPhoebe  •  07-14-09 @ 10:27 am

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