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13 Days - 13 Genres - Stretch your imagination for GREAT daily prizes!
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Hosted by the Senior Moderators, this WDC 13th Birthday contest will run for 13 days! 

The first prompt will be posted by noon on September 1st and the final prompt will be posted at noon on September 13th.. All thirteen entries must be posted by September 14th at 11:59 AM EST to be eligible for a Grand Prize!

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In this contest, you will write a genre-specific story each day related to the prompt posted at noon; entries will be due by 11:59 AM EST the next day.

Day 1:    Action/Adventure - The Subway Encounter:  You're about to board the last subway for the night when a man stumbles into you and falls to the ground.  He pushes a small, wrapped package into your hand ... and dies.  Just then you notice a blood pool under him.  What do you do now?

Day 2:    Comedy - Thirteen Kittens: You take in a stray cat who appears on your doorstep. She's exhausted and starving, and noticeably pregnant. You cannot turn her away. The next day she gives birth to 13 kittens. Now what? First or third person is fine.

Day 3:    Drama - The Checkbook: You find a checkbook on the ground-perhaps you're in a park, jogging along the highway, or in the parking lot at the Mall. You decide to return it. What happens next?

Day 4:    Horror/Scary  - Friday the 13th: "Bah! I don't believe in that whole Friday the 13th scary stuff. It's just a bunch a nonsense," he always argued until the day...

Day 5:    Family - The Family Secret::  During a birthday party, you discover a hidden truth about a family member.  It may involve a family pet, if you wish.

Day 6:    Fantasy - Behind the Glass:  Your character interacts or tries to interact with another character on the other side of a mirror.  This doesn't have to be fairy tale, but must be fantasy.

Day 7:    History - This Day in History: Insert your fictional character into a well known historic event as an "extra" who may have hand a hand in making the event historical. For example, you might write about a young boy who ends up providing the ink for the signing of the Declaration of Independence, or a older woman who inadvertently inspires Gutenberg's idea for a printing press. While your character is to be fictional, the historical event should be one that is well known and actually happened somewhere in the world. First or third person is fine.

Day 8:    Erotica -  A Party to Remember:  Your characters work together, but are both too shy to express how they feel about each other ... until they drink a little too much at an End of Summer beach party hosted by a mutual friend.  How hot does it get?

Day 9:    Military - Ambushed It has been 13 days since the ambush that separated you from your team in enemy territory. Tell the story of what happens next.

Day 10:  Mystery -  The Picture: Your character discovers a disturbing picture among the photos taken at the birthday party he/she is attending. Before anything can be done about it, someone steals the memory card.  What was the picture and how does your character solve the mystery of who stole the card and why?

Day 11:  Nature - Nature's Way: Rather than enjoying the lavish birthday party he or she was expecting to, your character instead finds himself or herself stuck in the middle of nowhere (writer's choice of any natural geographic area - desert, mountains, forest, remote island, etc.). Tell us the story of either (1) how he or she got there, or (2) how he or she manages to get home.

Day 12:  Romance/Love - The Crush: It was nothing more than a childhood crush, and you've both moved on. However, 13 years later you happen to meet again and old memories still linger.

Day 13:  Science Fiction - Sweet 13?: All children are required to spend a year off-planet when they turn 13. If parents can't afford a boarding school for that year, the government will provide transportation to the mining site on Pluto. Repayment for transportation, boarding and schooling is made by working weekends in the mine. Tell this story from the parents perspective.

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Daily Rules:
*Bullet* All stories must be newly created for this contest. 
*Bullet* Daily entries should be posted by 11:59 AM EST, using a b-item or entry link , to be eligible for a prize.1 
*Bullet* Entries should be rated 18+ or lower.  Day 8: Erotica entries may have a higher rating.  See "Acceptable Rating Change for Day 8 ONLY!"   for details.
*Bullet* There is a daily maximum of 1000 words. Word count must be posted in your entry.
*Bullet* Entries should be stored in your portfolio and linked in the forum each day. 
*Bullet* Because of the volume each day, daily entries will not be reviewed by the judges.
*Bullet* Entries may be edited up until the deadline, but not after the deadline has passed.  However, due to the potentially large volume, the judges may read the story at any time after the entry is posted.
*Bullet* Entries for each genre may be part of a continuous storyline.  However, since each judge will only be reading the day's entries they are judging, please be sure that the individual stories stand alone as a single entity so that judges don't need to have read their previous ones.

Grand Prize Rules:
*Bullet* You must post an entry to all 13 prompts to qualify for the grand prizes. 
*Bullet* You can make up missed days but late entries will not qualify for the daily prizes. 
*Bullet* The prompts will be posted at noon each day and left revealed for anyone lagging behind.
*Bullet* All thirteen entries must be posted by the 14th at 11:59 AM EST to be eligible for a Grand Prize!
*Bullet* To maintain consistency throughout the contest, daily entries may not be edited until after the Grand Prize judging.

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Daily Prizes:
If fewer than seven qualified entries are received for the daily prompt, only First Place will be awarded.
*Starv* First Place: A genre appropriate Merit Badge + 20,000gps
*Bullet* Second Place: 10,000 GPs.
*Bullet* Third Place: 5,000 GPs.

Grand Prizes:
The grand prizes awarded will be based on input from all judges and may not reflect the winners of the daily prizes.
*Ribbonv* First Place: 500,000 GPs and First Place Awardicon.
*Bullet* Second Place: 250,000 GPs and Second Place Awardicon.
*Bullet* Third Place: 100,000 GPs and Third Place Awardicon.

Please post questions in this forum with a Subject of [OT] or email them to Diane .

Your Daily Winners:  "Invalid Item

For Judges Use Only:  One stop shop for prompts.  *Wink*  "Invalid Item

1  Members with a full portfolio may post entries directly in the forum. Please email Diane if you need to do this so we can be certain your entries are counted toward the grand prize.

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