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A Forum for authors and members who love Jane Austen.
Darcy and Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice Movie 1995
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If you are here, this means you like Jane Austen. maame Grace and I invite you to share your love of Jane Austen books and movies.We will honor Jane Austen and her beautiful masterpieces. Tell us who your favorite characters are from Jane's Books. Have you written fictional stories of Jane's life or stories about her characters from her books? Share them with us! How did you get acquainted with Jane and her writing? I watched LOST IN AUSTEN where a young woman Amanda who loves PRIDE AND PREJUDICE meets Elizabeth Bennett in her bathroom and they exchange lives. Amanda ends up in the past in 1800's England and she accidentally alters the lives of the characters of PRIDE AND PREJUDICe but ends up with Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth decides she loves modern day England and wants to stay. Both Amanda and Elizabeth get happy endings as well as the rest of the characters in the movie. This is how I fell in love with Jane Austen and her novels. I am glad I met Maamegrace. She is awesome and loves Jane Austen like me. Maybe if this forum works out, we can form a group.
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Here are a list of Jane Austen Novels:
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Sense and Sensiblity
Pride and Prejudice
Mansfield Park
Northanger Abbey
Lady Susan

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You can find copies of Jane Austen Novels at any book store. I bought JANE AUSTEN SEVEN NOVELS at Barnes and Nobles. This is the best book and you have all your Jane Austen novels in one book. I love it!

My favorites are: Pride and Prejudice{I love Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth and her family!} and Emma. Emma. Good hearted Emma wanted all her friends to find love and she ended finding love, too not realizing that the man she spent time was her dear friend whom she loved as more then a friend.

Picture of sisters of Pride and Prejudice Zombies.
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The beautiful sigs were done by Angel, my best friend. Angel

Let's fill up this forum with our Jane Austen favorite stories and anything and everything about Jane. Please be respectful and keep everything a E or ASR Rating. Thanks! Hope to see you here.

Debate Question from Maame Grace:
Was Darcy scared of Elizabeth's confidence or obnoxious in making contacts with the country girl with the engaging eyes when he first met her?

If anyone writes a romance for Kitty or Mary Bennett and posts their entry here, I will give a 10k Awardicon or Romance Merit Badge. I am thinking of writing romances for these two ladies as well.

Another Jane Austen Painting by best friend Angel.
Jane Austen and Megan Friends Poser by best friend Angel.

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