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Come sit on the porch and visit awhile.
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See anyone you know? Don't be shy. Say 'hello' to them. What's that you say? You see someone you don't know? Just go on over and introduce yourself. They won't bite. In fact our most important Porch rule is to be nice. Just be nice and friendly, and you can sit here on the porch as long as you want, sipping lemonade, or iced tea--did I hear someone mention Mint Juleps? What a lovely Southern day! *Sun*

Now you might notice there are some folks who have birthdays this month, and some who have WdC Anniversaries. Wouldn't the polite thing be to take notice of that? Maybe send a review their way, or a c-Note, or maybe just send them best wishes by way of their mailbox. If you are feeling generous you could send them a Birthday Merit Badge or some other merit badge you feel is deserved. Award one of their really good pieces an awardicon. That is sure to make them smile! Generally, folks like to be noticed on special occasions.

If your name and information is not listed below, please e-mail ember_rain with that information so you will be added to the list! *Smile*

Just go ahead and make yourself at home. Post a message in the Forum. Have a seat in one of the rockers or maybe sit in the swing. Enjoy yourself! *Smile*

And if you see that it's someone's birthday, why not put a smile on their face and send them a happy Showering Acts of Joy Birthday cNote? Just click one of the links below to be transported to a shop of rainbows, umbrellas, and merry birthday messages!

c-Notes about Writing  (E)
Encourage and celebrate your writing friends.
#1868181 by Pat ~ Rejoice always!
These gorgeous notes are made by Myst

 Birthday & Anniversary cNotes  (E)
Birthday & Anniversary cNotes
#1859875 by Itchy Water~fictionandverse

 Birthday & Anniversary cNotes 2  (E)
Birthday & Anniversary cNotes 2
#1860691 by Itchy Water~fictionandverse

Southern Sentiments B'day / Anniversary  (E)
Send a friend a birthday or anniversary greeting!
#1865302 by Pat ~ Rejoice always!
These beautiful notes are made by Leger~

Number of Member2member Anniversary/Birthday reviews needed:

Merit badge to be awarded:

Random... I will pick a merit badge you don't already have in your port.

Current Tally of Reviews by month can be found:"2013 Merit badge count"  


1. Either use the emails I send out or this forum to find members who are having a birthday or Anniversary for the current month.

2. Do a review for them using one of the Images found on this forum.

3. Post the link to your review to this board

4. Keep going until you meet the number of reviews needed for the month.

5. Wait until the end of the month when I hand out Merit Badges.

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Anniversaries Test
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SAJ Anniversary M2M Review Image Colored Pencils by Kiya

Anniversary Review for SAJ

SAJ Birthday M2M Review Image Bumblebees by Jenny

Birthday Review Signature

 Group of Birthday and Anniversay Sigs  (E)
Group of Birthday and Anniversay Sigs for SAJ M2M
#1864325 by Pat ~ Rejoice always!

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