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!!! ONE LUCKY WINNER GOES HOME WITH 500,000 GPs! Plus GP and MB Prizes Along the Way. !!!
A Raffle to Benefit the Rising Stars and some other great WDC Groups and Causes.

WELCOME to The Georgia T. Bumblebee 500 Raffle!
Our shiny new Alias is: bc500

Thanks to Patrick for the yellow ribbon that adorns this page!

I decided to hold a SIMPLE RAFFLE to highlight and benefit WDC's Rising Stars and some other awesome WDC Groups and Causes.

But then I thought, Why stop there? Why not spread the good cheer even further?
So, I am going to award one lucky Grand Prize winner 500,000 GPs at the Raffle's conclusion.

Come one; come all. Take part in the Georgia T. BumbleBee 500 Raffle!
ONE lucky winner will go home with 500k GPs at the Raffle's end.

Yep, you read that right.

Now, mind you, it may take a while.
I'm planing to earn 2,000,000 GPs in this baby.
That means I might need to sell 2,000 tickets!

So, ante up, all you glorious Story Writers and Poets.
Let's get this Raffle Rollin'!

Tickets cost 1000 GPs each!

Don't be shy; buy as many as you like.
You can gift them to your friends, favorite groups, writing buzzies. OOPS! I mean, buddies. *Blush*
Spread a little summer-time joy all over the place!

     SUMMER into FALL, 2018     


          25% (500k GPs) To the Grand Prize Winner: YOU!
          25% (500k) To "OUR RISING STARS FUND
          15% (300k) To "The Novel Workshop
          15% (300k) To "WCMTH UPgrade Assistance Center
          15% (300k) To "RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group
          05% (100k) To The Following Special Prizes.

          -(60k GPs) To be evenly divided between three lucky ticket holders* determined by virtual dice at Raffle conclusion.
                   1. 20k GPs Winner: #ticket # Giftd by
                   2. 20k GPs Winner: #ticket #
                   3. 20k GPs Winner: #ticket #
          -(40k GPs} Surprise MBs to be dispersed include: (any more than four will be funded by my own GP funds.)
                   One for the Largest Donation:
                   One for any Purchaser(s) who Gifted a Winning Ticket(s)

                   One for the Final Ticket Purchaser:
                   One for the Purchaser who Gifted the Most Tickets

Plus SEVEN PREDETERMINED HIDDEN Surprises on MY DIME, (maybe more) throughout the duration of the raffle.
*Check5* = Dispersed to Winners

*Check5* Surprise 1. 🌜 HuntersMoon purchased Magic Ticket 50 and won a cool 5000 GPs!
*Check5* Surprise 2. Satuawany is guaranteed an MB for gifting ...
*Check5* Magic Ticket 335 to Arwee worth 7,500 GPs!
Surprise 3. innerlight contemplates life purchased Magic Ticket 567 and won a cool 10,000 GPs

         THE HONEY POT: 830,100 GPs!          


* * *A roll of the Virtual Dice will determine The GRAND PRIZE WINNER.

*Vine2**Flower3*  Anonymous ticket purchases available, just email me to set it up.  *Flower2**Vine1*
*Vine2**Flower2*  To purchase a ticket, either post to the forum below or use the review box. Remember to include the GPs.  *Flower4**Vine1*
*Vine2**Flower4*  Ticket Numbers cannot be issued or posted until GP transfer is completed.  *Flower3**Vine1*

* * *PLEASE! Check your tickets. If there are any discrepancies, I'll need to be notified straight away.
Once the dice are rolled, the 500K will fall where they may.

*NOTE: If, by some peculiar twist of fate, one of the lucky ticket holders
or one of the beneficiary groups should also turn out to be the Grand Prize Winner,
the Wins will stand as they are.

To view the ticket numbers:
Georgia T. Ticket Register  (E)
The place where the ticket holders and numbers are listed.
#2161483 by Carol St. Ann: RIP dear Stefan


*Heart* Gabriella 37,000 GPs *Heart*
*Heart* bobturn 1,000 GPs *Heart*
*Heart*Mystery Gift *Giftp* 50,000 GPs *Heart*
*Heart* Inkslinger 10,000 GPs *Heart*
*Heart* Jim Hall - 7/22 10,000 GPs *Heart*
*Heart* Lynn McKenzie 29 GPs *Heart*

Please consider these other wonderful raffles and activities that support many of WDC’s charitable groups.

Jim's Tri-Contest Raffle & Auction  (E)
Raffle and Auction for Jim's Three Contests
#2092779 by Jim Hall - 7/22

Rach's Chocolate Emporium  (13+)
A place to purchase reviews, merit badges, and awardicons. We also sell yummy chocolate.
#2155763 by Choconut

Just a note: I'm not sending out hordes of emails notifying everyone of their ticket purchases and gifts. All the tagging is accomplishing this far more efficiently than I could, and quicker too! It saves me tons of time and effort and is less stressing on everyone's email accounts. That stated, if any of you feel you'd rather have an email confirmation, no problem at all; just let me know with a post in the forum titled EMAIL CONFIRMATIONS, and I will send one straight away.

*Vine2**Flowerp*    *Vine2**Flowery*    *Vine2**Flowerp*  GOOD LUCK ONE AND ALL!  *Flowerp**Vine1*    *Flowery**Vine1*    *Flowerp**Vine1*

**DISCLAIMERS: Any prizes inadvertently won by me (Carol St. Ann: RIP dear Stefan) will be placed back on the board or in the pot. However, If my other groups should be winners, those prizes will be dispersed accordingly. In the event of duel numbered tickets for any prize, the dice will be rolled again with the duplicates numbered consecutively in the order they were actually purchased, and only one of the "duplicate" numbers will win. Further, I humbly reserve the right to decline any ticket purchase I feel would not serve the intended beneficiaries.**
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