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A raffle to benefit The Newbie Upgrade Grant and some other groups.

Hello and Welcome to

Newbie Upgrade Raffle Banner

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Round Three ! ! !

3 Lucky winners split 30% of the total proceeds

15% to our 1st Lucky Winner
10% to our 2nd Lucky WInner
5% to our 3rd Lucky Winner

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Tickets to be sold: *Mail* Unlimited
Ticket Price: *Dollar*1,000
Tickets Sold: *MailR* 0
On the Pot: *Gold* 0 GPs

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Important ! ! !

Raffle will be closed on June 30 at exactly 11:59 PM WDC Time, regardless of how many tickets are sold. Rolling the die follows immediately.

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Raffle funds will go to:

30% of the Total Funds
To the 3 Lucky Winners

15% (? gps) to Winner 1
10% (? gps) to Winner 2
5% (? gps) to Winner 3

The remaining 70% of the pot will be divided to these awesome groups in their corresponding percentages:


To "The Newbies Academy Group

To "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group

To "Angel Army Fund Bank

To "RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group

To my Upgrade

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*Poseyb**Poseyr**Poseyy*GOODIES FOR GRABS *Poseyy**Poseyr**Poseyb*

*Flowerb* The first person who purchase at least 10 tickets will get 5 free for his/her friend.
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A roll of virtual dice will determine the 3 LUCKY WINNERS.

*Poseyb*There is no limit to the amount of tickets you can purchase. Each ticket will cost you 1, 000 GPs
*Poseyr*Anonymous ticket purchases available, just email me to set it up.
*Poseyy*To purchase a ticket, either post to the forum below or use the review box. Remember to include the GPs.
*Poseyv*Ticket numbers will be posted here once gp transfer is verified.
*Poseyp*Please look over your tickets to ensure no mistakes are made. If discrepancies are noticed, I must be notified before the dice roll.
*Poseyo*Round will close as soon as all tickets are sold.

*Shamrock*Donations graciously accepted and appreciated.

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Round 2 Ticket Holders

*GiftG*[5]1-5 *Right*Shana-Batgirl-Allen ~WeGotThis Gifted by: Elle - on hiatus
*GiftY*[5]6-10 *Right*Sanita
*GiftG*[1]11 *Right* Marci Missing Everyone Gifted by: Elle - on hiatus
*GiftG*[1]12 *Right* Fran 🏅🇬🇧🇬🇧🏅 Gifted by: Elle - on hiatus
*GiftG*[1]13 *Right* LostGhost: Seeking & Learning Gifted by: Elle - on hiatus
*GiftG*[1]14 *Right* ENB Gifted by: Elle - on hiatus
*GiftG*[1]15 *Right* Lina Black-So Far Behind!!! Gifted by: Elle - on hiatus
*GiftG*[1]16 *Right* Jellyfishbones Gifted by: Elle - on hiatus
*GiftG*[1]17 *Right* ☮ The Grum Of Grums Gifted by: Elle - on hiatus
*GiftG*[1]18 *Right* ANN Counselor, Lesbian & Happy Gifted by: Elle - on hiatus
*GiftG*[1]19 *Right* Lynda Miller Gifted by: Elle - on hiatus
*GiftY*[1]20 *Right*countrygirl322 -


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Send payments or donations to:
ID #1781885 or "Invalid Item or simply include GPs with your post.

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Our Generous Donors:

Great thanks to:

Round 2 Donators
Anyone donating at least 50K will get you an MB of choice!
goldenautumn - 10, 000 GPs
Nixie~the promise of a woman - 51, 000 GPs :: Published MB Sent

Round 1 Donators
glo-stick - 10, 000 GPs
30DBC Creator/Founder - 30, 000 GPs
Riot - 50, 000 GPs
"Vigilante Angel Ranger Team - 40, 000 GPs

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#1951232 by Hannah ♫♥♫

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This raffle is previously called Fantastic Raffle Contest

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