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Rated: 13+ · Message Forum · Contest · #1786069
WDC's Longest Running Blog Competition - Drop in for the December Unofficial Month
CURRENT COMPETITORS! Click HERE to go straight to the forum.

CALL FOR DONORS --- Please send GIFT POINTS for future contest prize pools to: "30-Day Bloggers Group

Merit Badge in 30DBC Winner
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Congratulations on your new "30DBC Winner" merit badge for your group,  [Link To Item #2064535] ! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We appreciate it! -SMs

This is a bi-monthly contest having a month-on, month-off format. The blogging community is a thriving one and the challenge to blog for 30 days straight is what keeps people coming back, month after month after month to the most intense battle of the bloggers. Are you ready to join us?

*Pencil* *Pencil* *Pencil*
Learn about the history of the 30DBC and meet your Current Challenge Staff here:
A Brief History of the 30DBC  (E)
The oldest Blogging Challenge on WDC wouldn't be here without these people - Thank you!
#2167398 by Emily

*Pencil* *Pencil* *Pencil*
The Current 30-Day Blogging Challenge Champions are:
*Star**Star**Star* Grand Prize: 🎄Wassailing Wordsmith🎅 for "Wandering- Not Lost
*Star**Star* 2nd Place: Wheeler sings Joy to the World for "Love, Joy, Peace and Weirdness
*Star* 3rd Place: Robert Waltz for "Complex Numbers

*Pencil* *Pencil* *Pencil*
See Previous Challenge Winners here:
 Previous 30DBC Winners  (E)
Thank you to everyone who has competed over the years! Here is a list of the winners!
#2167413 by Emily


*Pencil* Daily prompts will be emailed to participating members ("Current Challengers") of the "30-Day Bloggers Group. Prompts will also be posted in this forum.
*Pencil* Blogs will only be judged and prizes awarded during Official Months (usually every other month). Unofficial Months are open for everyone to practice and have fun! (Official Months are fun too, we promise! *Laugh* )
*Pencil* This competition is open to blogs of all ratings; however, please keep the forum posts clean and respectful.
*Pencil* You should post your blog entry responding to the prompt before midnight WDC time (timeliness is a factor in judging). Late entries will be accepted, but please note your score for that day may be lower.
*Pencil* When your blog entry is done, please post the link to it in the forum, using {entry:######}.
*Pencil* Commenting on fellow challengers' blogs is not optional. Blog comments are an integral part of this Blog Challenge and the blogging community itself. If you never comment on another challengers blog, you will be disqualified. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to comment on every challengers' blog entry, but you should aim for at least a 1:1 ratio (one comment on another contestant's blog per day you write a post of your own).
*Pencil* Prompts during Official Months will generally follow these categories, though be prepared for modifications at the Host's discretion *Smirk*:
         *Bulletgr*MOTIVATION MONDAYS!: We'll discuss quotes attributed to people from all walks of life, and you're encouraged to share quotes related to the day's topic.
         *Bulletgr*TALK TUESDAYS!: Prompts will encourage a more opinionated, personal response. Get to know your fellow competitors...make sure you're commenting!
         *Bulletgr*WAR CHEST WEDNESDAYS!:  A prompt from the pool of challenger-submitted prompts known as The Challenge War Chest.
         *Bulletgr*Thursday is THE WILDCARD ROUND!: Anything can happen! Be prepared...and you might win a random prize! It could be Gift Points, raffle tickets, or even a Merit Badge!
         *Bulletgr*FUN FACT FRIDAY!: I'll provide you with a random fact, and you give us your take on it. Feel free to share a random fact of your own as well!
         *Bulletgr*CREATION SATURDAY!: A creative writing prompt from the War Chest will be used. Challengers are encouraged to write a poem or story.
         *Bulletgr*THE SUNDAY NEWS!: A chance to wrap up the week and prepare for the week ahead. What did you write? What did you learn? What's the best thing that happened in your personal life? Encourage a discussion between your fellow bloggers.


*MedalGold* *TrophyG* Grand Prize! *TrophyG* *MedalGold*
Exclusive 30DBC Champion Merit Badge and 50K Awardicon on your Blog

*MedalSilver* *TrophyS* Second Place *Trophys* *MedalSilver*
Blogging Merit Badge and 25K Awardicon on your Blog

*MedalBronze* *Trophyb* Third Place *Trophyb* *MedalBronze*
Blogging Merit Badge

**Honorable Mention(s) are, well, mentioned. *Angelic*

Merit Badge in Blogging
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For Setting up the 30d Blogging Challenge and making it such a great Challenge to participate in! Merit Badge in 30DBC Winner
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your new "30DBC Winner" merit badge for your group,  [Link To Item #2064535] ! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We appreciate it! -SMs Merit Badge in Blogging
[Click For More Info]

Hello Norb!  [Link To Item #blogchallenge]  is giving you this Blogging Merit Badge for your active participation in the group's challenge. Besides we express appreciation for helping us judge the May 2014 Official Blog Challenge. - Earl Pablo Zacarias

*Idea* Impressive, clever, and prompt blog responses.
*Idea* Bloggers not posting an entry for 5 consecutive days will be disqualified from the competition (unless prior arrangements are made with the host)
*Idea* Responses to the prompt should be in a separate post. No multiple-prompt answers in a single post, please.
*Idea* Comment on other challengers' blog entries!
*Idea* Judges and Host reserve the right to withhold prizes if there are insufficient contestants or entries do not meet quality expectations.


Be a Guest Judge for a Week and earn a MB!

Donate to the Contest Prize Pool!

Visit our Partner Groups!

Participate in the February 50/50 Fundraiser!

Feel free to use our Group Signatures!

Time Until January Official Month:
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by Emily · 12-06-18 @ 9:47 pm
by Christmas QPdoll · 12-14-18 @ 6:11 am
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by Christmas QPdoll · 12-13-18 @ 6:13 am
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by ☕️ Lilli, Coffee Elf · 12-10-18 @ 7:44 pm
by Christmas QPdoll · 12-10-18 @ 6:15 am
by ☕️ Lilli, Coffee Elf · 12-09-18 @ 8:00 pm
by Christmas QPdoll · 12-09-18 @ 7:35 am
by ☕️ Lilli, Coffee Elf · 12-09-18 @ 7:27 am

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