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This is a daily contest for anybody who writes poetry.

*Snow3* Contest is closed for the holidays *Snow3*

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I love contests!  I just can't stand waiting for month at a time for the results.  I have come to the conclusion that I should stop my whining about waiting for results and do something. I have decided to dedicate myself to this daily contest, announcing daily winners on a weekly basis! In addition to the daily winners, I also announce one Weekly Winner every week for the big prize.*Delight*

Read the Rules image

*Umbrellap* Poetry only.

*Umbrellag*  Rating content can be up to 18+, nothing over this. 

*Umbrellav*  No erotica please.

*Umbrellar*  Submit the poem in b-item form. Find out how to use b-item in this link."How to Create a B-item Link

*Umbrellab* Submit the poem ready to be judged. I can not tell you that you should not edit your work once submitted. If it needs edited, then edit it. However, I judge throughout the week and will judge what I read at that moment in time.

*Umbrellag* 40 line max, no minimum. Please list line count in entry forum.

*Umbrellav* Each day will have multiple prompts. You only have to use one prompt. Click on the dropnote for the day to see the prompts. Each entry must be entered on or prior to 11:59PM WDC to count for that day. The new round begins at 12:00 AM WDC time. No exceptions.

*Umbrellab* You are not required to enter everyday to enter the contest. The rounds are daily. You do not have to enter every round, but you can if you want to.

*ExclaimR**Umbrellap*When posting an entry, make sure that it follows one of the prompts for the current day. For example, if the day is 10/24, then you should only use a prompt from 10/24. Hence, you cannot post an entry for a previous day or a future day.

*Umbrellag*Do Not edit the post/forum after you have submitted your item. If you feel you need to edit the post/forum, Don't Do It. Instead email me and let me know what you need changed in the post (ex. wrong link, messed up link, line count, etc)  If you change it yourself, your entry may be disqualified.

*Umbrellar* Only one poem per person per round (day). New or old poems are welcome. Poems awarded by other contests are also welcome. However, you can only submit the poem once to this contest. Do Not submit the same poem multiple times.

*Umbrellap* Please mention the Prompt you chose for your poem in the subject line (ex. Prompt 3).

*Umbrellao* The daily winners should be announced on the weekends. I will also be announcing the weekly grand prize winner at this time. However there may be times when the the announcement is delayed a day or two, but the winners will always be announced as soon as possible. *Giftr*

*Star*Prizes Prizes Prizes Prizes Prizes Prizes Prizes*Star*

A Poem a Day Trophy

Weekly Grand Prize Winner wins 10K Awardicon in addition to daily prizes
1st Place Winner wins 4000Gps AND 1st Place Trophy
2nd Place Winner wins 2000 Gps
3rd Place Winner wins 1000 Gps
Honorable Mention wins 500 Gps

 Winner of the Week Wall  (E)
Showcasing all of the Winner of the Week titleholders.
#1842260 by Itchy Water~fictionandverse

Only 1st place will be awarded with fewer than 5 qualifying entries. At least 7 quailfying entries are required to award all prizes.
*Note*These stipulations and rules are subject to change upon the discretion of the judge.

*Heart*Donations Donations Donations Donations Donations*Heart*

A continual inflow of donations is vital to keep this contest alive. All donations are appreciated. To donate to this contest please go to "A Poem A Day Fund Bank or just make a post in the forum below.

For donations in size of 35,000 or more, a Merit Badge will be awarded. Donations of 1K or more will be listed on the  "Gracious Donors page.

*Pencil*Judging Judging Judging Judging Judging*Pencil*

*Butterflyb* Every Saturday, I will reveal the winners of each day from the previous week. Then, I will award a merit badge to the best poem of the entire week.

*Butterflyr* I will judge throughout the week; therefore, you should submit your poems edited and ready to be judged.

*Butterflyv* I will be judging how well the poem fits the chosen prompt. I will be judging how well the poem fits its form of poetry. If it requires syllable count, I will be judging syllable count. If it requires rhyme, I will be judging rhyme.

*Butterflyb* I will be judging content, texture, and clarity. I will judge overall meaning and its effectiveness.

*Butterflyg* I will be judging grammar and punctuation. Punctuation is very important to poetry, it can change the meaning and the impact of the poem. I will be looking at the punctuation as the writer intended it to be. Meaning if the writer intended to write a poem with end stops, caesuras and enjambments, then I will judge according to that style. However, if a poem has natural punctuation, I will judge that style.


*Mailr*Please email Itchy Water~fictionandverse if you have any questions.

*Partyhatb*Click on the date to find the prompt for the day.

*Partyhatb*Please list which prompt you have chosen for the day either in the subject line or in the message area.

*Partyhatp*Only one poem per day. Must follow one of the prompts of the day.

*Partyhaty*Each round begins12:00AM WDC time - and ends 11:59PM WDC time

Support this contest by purchasing your raffle tickets here:
Raffle For Writers  (E)
A raffle supporting contests and groups that encourage us to grow as writers.
#1825335 by Itchy Water~fictionandverse

Prompt image

Nov 17, 2012 Saturday  

Nov 18, 2012 Sunday

Nov 19, 2012 Monday

Nov 20, 2012 Tuesday

Nov 21, 2012 Wednesday

Nov 22, 2012 Thursday

Nov 23, 2012 Friday

Nov 24, 2012 Saturday
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