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Assignment Forum for The Exploratory Writing Workshop
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Welcome to the Classroom (Assignment Forum) of The Exploratory Writing Workshop (EWW)

This where you receive your assignments and where you post your completed assignments.

         Rules of the Forum

*BulletO*  All posts must follow the 13+ rating of this forum.
*BulletO*  All posts must be in the "bitem" format. (see below)
*BulletO*  Ensure all comments are respectful.
*BulletO*  No profane or insensitive language.
*BulletO*  If you have issues with the workshop, email
percy goodfellow

                             *StarB*  Our Lessons  *StarB*
Click on the blue underlined link below.

*CheckB* Warmup: The Three Part Character Development Model and Favorite Author Chapter Template (FACT)
         "Week One Assignment - EWW
*CheckB*   Central Character and World of the Story Including Want-Need-Desire
         "Week Two Assignment - EWW 
*CheckB*   Supporting Character and uptempo of events
         "Week Three Assignment - EWW
*CheckB*   Life Changing Event, (Dramatic Premise)
         "Week Four Assignment - EWW
*CheckB*   Crisis #1 (Internal - the Smallest) Our Own Worst Enemy
         "Week Five Assignment - EWW
*CheckB* Crisis #2 (External - the Intermediate)
         "Week Six Assignment - EWW
*CheckB* Crisis #3 (The Final Crisis.  The Climax. The Big Blow-out)
         "Week Seven Assignment - EWW
*CheckB* The Outline
         "Week Eight Assignment - EWW

*Noteo*  Assignment weeks run Thursday through the following Thursday.  Each assignment is due by Midnight WdC time on Thursday.

*Noteo*  Assignment pages will be opened for your access ahead of time.

*Noteo*  Be sure to check your post before you submit it. Click on the yellow Preview Post button below the text box, and it will produce a view of what your message will look like after posting. If you are satisfied with it, click the light green Submit Post button.

Percy Goodfellow - Workshop Instructor
percy goodfellow

*CheckB*   Links to The Exploratory Writing Workshop   *CheckB*

Welcome Letter - "Exploratory Writing Workshop Welcome
Introduction - "Intro - Exploratory Writing Workshop
Assignment Overview - "The Weekly Assignment Overview Page
Lounge - "Lounge for Exploratory Writing Workshop
Assignment Forum - "Classroom (Assignment Forum) of EWW
Dictionary of Writing Terms "Dictionary of Terms

Please Note: Posting to this forum is limited to
members of the group "Roster - Exploratory Writing Workshop.

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